A trip to enchanting land of Tibet

Description: Land of TibetTibet remains a mysterious destination for scores of individuals around the world. It offers numerous opportunities for trekking, hiking and other activities. The highest plateau in the world, Tibet, is essentially unique in many ways, including its geography and culture. Here is some insight into this enchanting region.

One may find a number of places worth visiting here in Tibet. These include the Jokhang Temple, The Potala Palace, Norbulingka Summer Palace and Tibet Museum – all in Lhasa, the capital. Other places of interest in Tibet include Mount Kailash, Yarlong River National park and Qumolangma National Nature Reserve.

The Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, has an imposing building and is immensely revered by locals. This temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha and houses a number of His statues. It was built in the 7th century AD to keep His statues. This temple has a four floor structure and an impressive architecture. It is certainly a must visit place for every tourist coming into Tibet.

The Potala Palace is another must visit place in Lhasa. It is over 1400 years old and was built by King Songtsen Gampo. One may have an idea about its grandness by the fact that there are over one thousand rooms in the Potala Palace. It housed the Dalai Lamas during their lifetime and their tombs after their death. It used to be the political as well religious center of Tibetans.

This palace is open for tourist visits and guided tours are available here. One may even watch the rare cultural relics, valuable stuff and other antique items. There are 14 floors in this palace which require quite a lot of climbing up and down.

Other places of interest here include Norbulingka Summer Palace and Drepung Monastery. Norbulingka Summer Palace is located nearby The Potala Palace. It was built in the year 1755 as a summer house of the Dalai Lama. Drepung Monastery was established in 1416 and is an important place for Tibetans.

Consider paying a visit to numerous other important tourist destinations including Shannan, Tsethang and Kongpo. There are a number of lakes, rivers, temples and mountain peaks in the region. One may enjoy a ride to the serene landscape in a land cruiser or a bus. A visit to Darchen (Mt Kailash) and Jomolangma (Base camp for Mount Everest) can be thrilling.

While in Tibet, tourists can buy local stuff such as Tibetan rugs, oil paintings and handicrafts. Tibetan carpets are renowned around the world for their intricate hand weaving techniques. At the same time, make it a point to have a good look at the carpets to check the authenticity.

Tibet is famous for its delicious cuisine and special tea. Momos, tingmo, thukpa etc are some of popular dishes in this region. Yak meat is pretty delicious and worth tasting. The Tibetan tea is renowned for its unique taste, but some individuals may not find it pleasant. The journeys can be quite long due to long distances, so keep few snacks handy while traveling.