Amazing festivals of China

Description: Amazing Festivals of ChinaA number of festivals are organized throughout China every year. The pomp and show during such festivals is exemplary, especially during the Chinese New Year Celebrations. Here is some important information related with amazing festivals of this country.

Chinese New Year: Chinese New Year falls between 21st January and 20th February every year. The exact date may vary due to change in lunar position. The Chinese New Year celebrations go on for over 15 days, ending with the Lantern Festival on the 15th day. Quite interestingly, there are specific days earmarked for celebration, visiting elderly, staying at home and so on.

During these 15 days, numerous colorful parades are organized throughout China. The dragon and lion dances form the essence of these parades. Firecrackers are burst everywhere and exotic fireworks displays are organized. Fireworks are associated with the belief that these drive away the evil spirits.

The Chinese Lantern Festival is organized on 15th day of first lunar month. Thousands of lanterns are lit up everywhere, which lighten up the surroundings. Lanterns made up of paper and decorated with all sorts of decorative stuff are used for celebrating the occasion. Enjoying riddles at this time is a popular activity among locals.

The Qing Ming Festival: The Qing Ming Festival, also known as Ancestors Day or Tomb Sweeping Day is a traditional Chinese festival. It is held during early days of month of April. The Chinese people honor their ancestors at this time. They pray for good amount of rainfall and a decent harvest.

Annual Weifang Kite Festival: Annual Weifang Kite Festival is held in Shandong province. It is the time to fly colorful kites and one may find kites of all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes being flown. This festival is immensely popular among locals and enjoyed by visitors as well. When in China during this festival, do not forget to try your hand in flying a few kites.

Dragon Boat festival: Dragon Boat festival is held on 5th day of 5th lunar month, sometime around June every year. Eating the local delicacy Zongyi is popular during this festival. It is a pyramid shaped dumpling which is made from glutinous rice. Another popular activity at this time is participation in dragon boat races.

Boats of all sorts of colors measuring up to 40 meters long are used for racing. The atmosphere is euphoric when these races are conducted. Drums are beaten with maximum possible loudness and boatmen row boats in tune with this noise. Mid Autumn festival is held on 15th of 8th lunar month. This turns out to be around month of September every year. Special moon cakes are prepared at this time and are pretty delicious as well.

Other prominent festivals include Double Ninth Festival, Water-Splashing Festival of Dai, Bullfight Festival of Miao, Adult Ceremony of Jino etc. One may plan his or her travel in consonance with these festivals to enjoy the celebrations along with the local population.