Guilin – a must visit place for every tourist

Description: GuilinGuilin is one of the most popular tourist destinations one may find in entire China. It is known for a number of scenic places which are located within a comfortable distance of each other. Due to the slew of places worth visiting, it is popular among domestic as well as foreign tourists alike.

Quite interestingly, the Li Jiang River which flows here is featured on Chinese currency notes as well! In fact, this city is much cleaner and quiet as compared to other cities in this country. Tourism being mainstay here, efforts are made to ensure a satisfactory stay for the tourists. The limestone mountains and picturesque formations make this place a must visit one for every tourist.

There are quite a lot of places in and around here worth visiting. These places include Reed Flute Cave, Diecai Shan, Elephant Trunk Hill, Seven Star Park and a number of other hills and parks. In addition, one may find a number of activities worth indulging in as well. It is quite easy to get around, thanks to the strong road network and bus fares being limited to one Yuan per trip. It is always helpful to get a tourist map which can be bought at around five Yuan.

Reed Flute Cave is limestone cave with some interesting formations that resemble animals, men and Guilin skyline etc. Laser shows are organized here for amusement of the tourists. Another place worth paying a visit is the Elephant Trunk Hill which is a hill-top converted into wildlife park. Its unusual name is credited to its peculiar shape which resembles trunk of an elephant.

There are a couple of other hills which have been converted into parks. These include Diecai Shan, Fubo Hill, Yaoshan Hill Park. These parks offer an amazing view with in-house museums, zoo and other places of attraction. When in Yaoshan Hill Park, do not miss the Ming Dynasty Mausoleum. In addition to these, one may also visit Jing Jiang Princes City Park, Seven Star Park and Moon and Sun Pagoda.

Tourists can also enjoy a couple of activities here as well. These include a cruise along the Li River. A number of hotels and tour organizers organize such tours up to Yangshuo, which is another beautiful town downstream Guilin. Have a glimpse of the beautiful limestone hills on either side of the river banks. This cruise lasts for around two and half hours.

Other popular activities include enjoying musical and theatrical performances which are organized daily. White water rafting down the Wu Pai River is also popular among tourists coming from different parts of the world. One may also visit the Guilin Shangri-la Park, which is an ethnic theme park. This park has been designed to give tourists a glimpse of culture of the ethnic minorities of this region.

Tourists can reach here by catching a flight to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport. It caters to major airlines from mainland China and most of the prominent cities elsewhere. It is also well connected with mainland China with excellent train service.