The world renowned Yunnan tourist trail

Description: YunnanThe beautiful Yunnan province is located in south-western part of China and spread across a large area. Its unique landscape has made it popular as a tourist destination worth visiting. The Yunnan tourist trail is popular throughout the world for the enchanting experience it provides to everyone coming from any corner of the world.

Its location in a hilly region provides it a cool temperature throughout the year. In this way, any time of the year is a good time to visit this immensely serene place. The enchanting landscape mesmerizes every individual. Quite interestingly, it has got everything that a nature lover would savor; thick virgin forest land, deep valleys, snow covered mountains and age old caves.

Places of interest in the Yunnan Tourist Trail are Dali and Lijang, both of which are historic cities in this province. Both these cities are prominent tourist destinations these days. The Cangshan Mountains around Dali provide a nice view and worth visiting. The Zhonghe Temple located in Dali Valley is a historic one with an imposing structure. The 7 Dragon Maidens pool is a series of seven pools which offer a breath-taking sight as well.

There are a number of breath-taking sights which dot this province. These include the enchanting Tiger Leaping Gorge, which is a canyon of the Yangtze River. It is among the deepest river canyons in the entire world. Hiking is a popular activity in the region and one may spot foreigner hikers everywhere in the valley.

In fact, Yangtze River is one of the three rivers that run almost parallel to each other for over 100 miles and finally merge into one. The other two rivers are Salween and Mekong. The entire area covered by these three rivers has been termed as Three Parallel Rivers National Park and is a worth visiting place.

Apart from that, it has got a unique cultural history as well. It is home to numerous ethnic minorities, each one of which has its unique way of living. The rich heritage is well reflected by the numerous historic buildings which are spread across the region. When in China, one has got to visit this immensely beautiful region.

Shangri-La (Zhongdian or Gyelthang) is another beautiful place which is essentially a mix of Tibetan and Han-Chinese cultures. It is connected by most cities in Yunnan province by bus and the ride can take from 4 to 12 hours depending on from where you are setting for Shangri-La. Songzanlin Monastery is an important tourist attraction of this region. One may enjoy wandering around in the picturesque area, riding horses, skiing and hiking at the Shika Mountain.

There are numerous items available here for collection as souvenirs. These items include handicrafts made from silver, wood etc. Make it a point to collect a number of them and have a number of photographs to savor the memories of the tour. Most places in this region are accessible by bus and bicycle, but beware of local con-artists.