Tourist attractions in Shanghai

Description: ShanghaiShanghai is the largest city in China and in fact, a major city in entire Asia. It is truly a world class city which has got developed dramatically in the recent past. Tourists from all parts of the world come here to have a glimpse at the exemplary architecture and numerous offerings for the tourists.

Its intriguing past has ensured that it is a cosmopolitan city with a European flair easily visible in its buildings. It is mainly because of the fact that major European nations and USA had significant say in its affairs in the past. A visit to Shanghai is quite different as compared to the visit to other major Chinese cities including Beijing.

Shanghai is so vast that exploring it completely needs an entire lifetime. It is thus advised that one should plan very sensibly keeping the available time in perspective. Tourists who plan to stay for a longer duration can opt for Shanghai Jiaotong Cards. These cards can be used for purchasing goods, tickets and travel as well.

Shanghai is ideal for all types of travel including family vacation and traveling along friends. There are a couple of good tourist destinations such as Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Zoo, Baoyang Road Harbor etc. These destinations can be covered on sightseeing buses operated by local authorities.

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is another prominent tourist destination which is a must visit place in Shanghai. It can be reached by catching an air conditioned ferry across the Huangpu River which splits the city into two halves. It is a surprisingly interesting place with weird music, flashing lights and screens showing videos all around you.

Yuyuan Gardens is the best place to have a look at the traditional Chinese lifestyle. To have a glimpse of ultra-modern buildings of China, traveling along the Huangpu River bank is the ideal way. Asia’s third biggest building, Shanghai World Financial Center, is another treat for the eyes.    

Shanghai boasts of a world class skyline. There are numerous imposing buildings here that can mesmerize anyone with their grandeur. The Pearl Tower is one such building which is worth watching. When in Shanghai, do not miss the Shanghai Museum and the numerous popular temples that are present everywhere in the city. Shanghai City Beach is another important place worth visiting and has got a long walkway, golden sands and clear blue water.

There are a number of popular shopping centers here which offer everything including clothes, electronics and cigarettes. Markets cater to all types of budgets and one may find road-side markets to upscale ones in various corners of the city.

Tourists can reach Shanghai by catching a flight from any major city elsewhere in the world. It is even well connected with most parts of China with the help of flights and an efficient rail network. In fact, the super-fast train to Lhasa in Tibet is talked about in all parts of the world. It covers a mammoth distance of over 1800 miles or 2700 km in just 50 hours!