French Wine Regions

Description: French Wine RegionsFrance is famous for the exotic varieties of wines that are produced in plenty here. The total area under vineyards in France is second largest in the world. One may find wines of different taste here and some of them are exclusive to France. Numerous regions have unique taste of wine, quite different from rest of them.

It is believed that wine making started here during the reign of Roman Kingdom. This practice of making wine started in France some time around the 6th Century BC. With such a long history of making delicious wines, French have really mastered the art of wine making. Marseille, which was a Greek colony at that time, is credited with flourishing of the viticulture.

The Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée system regulates the wine making process in France. This law has ensured that the quality of exotic French wines is upheld by each and every vineyard. It regulates the use of grape varieties for making wines. Apart from that, it defines the practices followed by the vineyards, villages or even specific regions.

Different grape varieties are used all over France to create exotic wines with red, white, pink and even grey colored wines. One may be astonished to know that as many as 56 prominent varieties of grapes are used all over France for making wines. Domestic and foreign tourists from all parts of world visit the vineyards spread across the geography of France to have a look and taste the delicious wines.

While tasting the mouth watering French wines, one may taste the world renowned French cuisine as well. To tap the popularity of French wines, numerous vineyards in every region tend to have in-house restaurants. In such restaurants, visitors can taste the special wines and enjoy French delicacies as well.

Though vineyards are spread across the whole country, some regions have higher density of vineyards as compared to others. These regions include Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Corsica, Provence, Savoy and South Western France. South Western France has got numerous smaller regions that specialize in one or the other form of wine.

The world famous Champagne brand gets its name from the region where it is produced. It is situated in eastern part of the country that borders Luxembourg and Belgium. It is the coolest part of France and is famous for its white and red wines. Alsace is located along the river Rhine, close to Germany.

Burgundy is another famous wine making region where terroir or the style of wine making is of utmost importance. In addition to the style, various natural factors such as altitude, soil, rains, temperature and humidity etc play a vital role in determining the exact taste of the wine.

The French wines remain popular in the world and in domestic markets as well. In fact, a number of tourists plan their vacations in France centered on the prominent wine making regions. So, get ready and pack your bags for heading to France to taste its unique quality wines. Cheers!