The City of Lyon

Description: The City of LyonLyon, the third largest city in France, is a popular tourist attraction in the country. It has got a unique location, located between two rivers and an equal number of mountains. Two rivers Saone and Rhone flow on either sides of the city. It is situated between mountains Fourvière and Croix-Rousse which give it an excellent climate. The inviting view of the city enchants tourists from across the globe.

It has got a number of great restaurants that offer delicious French cuisine. These have helped Lyon to earn the title of capital of gastronomy. Paul Bocuse, a world renowned chef, has got his own restaurant in Lyon. When in Lyon, do not forget to taste the mouth watering dishes.

Lyon has got a rich history and by various estimates, it is around 2000 years old. One can find traces of Roman architecture still scattered in the city. Apart from these ancient ruins, renaissance era buildings dot the city. It has been an important city ever since the first inhabitants started living here around the year 43 BC. Its importance is mainly attributed to its strategic location.

The present day name was adopted much later, around the 13th century. Prior to that, it was known by the name Lugdunum. Due to its important location, it came under attack every now and then. Numerous kingdoms occupied it during the course of history. This left the city rich with buildings belonging to different architectural styles. Age old buildings of different eras can still be found in the city, as an evidence of its rich cultural past.

The places of interest in Lyon include the Lyon City Card, which is a popular museum. A single day visit costs 18 Euros. Apart from that, there are numerous other museums in this historic city. Other highlights of the city include St Bruno church, St Jean Cathedral and Renaissance courtyards.    

When in Lyon, do not miss the Festival of Light, which is a four day fest. It is organized around 8th December every year. The whole city is illuminated with lights of all colors of the rainbow. This festival is dedicated to Virgin Mary and has been celebrated in this city since 1643.

Other prominent festivals include The Nuits de Fourvière festival, Nuits sonores and The Biennals. All these festivals are organized during different parts of the year and one must check out the exact dates before departing to Lyon.

There are numerous ways of reaching in Lyon. The international airport in Lyon is connected with most major European cities and few major cities outside Europe. In case direct flight is not available one can fly to Paris and take a connecting flight to Lyon. Alternatively, a flight to Paris and a taxi to Lyon can be a safe and cheap option.

It is connected with most parts in France by rail and road. It has direct connectivity with London, courtesy the Eurostar. Major highways connect it with Paris, Marseille and western parts of France. It has got tremendous connectivity with neighboring places in Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Germany as well.