The Eiffel Tower


Description: Eiffel TowerAsk most people in the world about what do they recognize Paris with and the most common answer will be The Eiffel Tower. Such is the charm of this majestic tower that it has become symbol for Paris in most respects. It is among the most visited monuments in the whole world and a traveler’s delight. The Eiffel Tower has remained tallest building in the world for years and is certainly the most romantic one!

It is tall by 324 meters and got commissioned in the year 1889. Millions of tourists from around the world pay a visit to The Eiffel Tower. Tourists can reach the first or second floor either by a flight of stairs or lift. One can get to the top most third only with the help of a lift.

The beauty of the city can be witnessed from this magnificent monument. Alternatively, one can have delicious French cuisine in the multiple restaurants that are present at the first or second floors. It is an architectural marvel and when in Paris, one can ill-afford to miss visiting this iconic building.

It glimmers like nothing else at night, making the view a must-watch for every one. Different types of occasions warrant use of different type of lights. Take for instance; when France won the EU presidency in 2008, The Eiffel Tower was lit with blue lights. The blue color of lights was to symbolize the colors of EU and its French presidency.

It is lit with lights of numerous colors during the time of Christmas, creating a riot of colors. Invariably, tourists are seen waiting for the night to wait for the world renowned lighting pattern of The Eiffel Tower to come on. One may witness countless flashes of cameras during the night when everyone seems to be eager to grab it in his or her camera. The euphoria generated during this time is exemplary.

To reach here, one can take the Metro to either Trocadero station or to Iena station. From the Trocadero station walk towards the Musee National des Monuments. Be very sure about the exit or one may be left wandering on wrong side of the roundabout. Walk straight past Musee National des Monuments and turn left after crossing it. One would enter into Le Palais de Chaillot, a famous plaza area. Right there in front would be the Eiffel Tower.

When coming from the Iena station, walk down the avenue named Avenue du President Wilson. From here, set foot on the road to Place du Trocadero et du 11 Novembre. After walking here for a short while, the Musee would appear and next to it is the Eiffel Tower.

The easiest way to reach here is to step on one of the numerous tourist buses that keep on plying in Paris. By paying a meager fare, one may roam around the city for the whole day and visit most of the famous tourist attractions in the city.