The royal city of Versailles

Description: City of VersaillesThe royal city of Versailles is located along the western border of Paris. This city is renowned around the world for a number of important happenings throughout history. Invariably, tourists get awestruck by the grandiose of the palace built under the reign of Louis XIV. It is at this very place where the German empire was established under Kaiser.

It was the seat of power in France before Paris until 1789 after the French Revolution. Paris became the national capital after this iconic revolution took place. The Germans had surrendered here after getting defeated in the First World War.

Places of interest include the iconic The Palace of Versailles which got commissioned in the year 1682 under Louis XIV. It witnessed one of most iconic events in history of mankind, the French Revolution of 1789, when absolute monarchy ended in France. This grand palace became National Museum in 1830. Today, it is an important tourist attraction in the city and the whole country as well.

Guided tours are available in many major languages for tourists coming in from all corners of the world. It has got a large area to be explored on foot. The majestic gardens and the vicinity of the palace ought to be explored by every one coming here. One may find a number of tourists enjoying picnics in the beautiful gardens throughout the year, especially in summers.

Other buildings of historical importance include Hôtel de Ville, which is a town hall building of 19th century. It is within walking distance from the royal palace. Hôtel de la Péfecture is another picturesque façade near the town hall. The ministry of foreign affairs under Louis XIV was converted into municipal Library. The centuries old cabinets can still be seen here in good condition.

When in Versailles, do enjoy the delicacies on the offer here. It is a smart option to get something to eat while going into the palace to make smart use of available time to explore the palace. At the same time, a number of eating places can be found in the palace itself, including restaurants and kiosks. Here, snacks and fast food items can be enjoyed.

One can cover the entire city on foot. Buses cover the length and breadth of the city. Bikes can be hired inside the royal palace and so can be golf carts which are powered by batteries.

The locals are nice people and mix easily with tourists. Bars can be found along the Place du Marché which is located on the junction of Rue du Maréchal Foch and Rue de la Paroisse.

Versailles is located few miles off Paris and can be reached easily from there. There are a couple of train stations here which connect it with Paris and other French cities. Bus journey from Paris to Versailles takes around half an hour. Enjoying a bike ride from Paris to Versailles can also be considered. Quite interestingly, Versailles has got a number of twin cities around the world, including Taipei (Taiwan), Canberra (Australia), Pushkin (Russia) and Nara in Japan.