Baltic Sea Coast and North Sea Coast

Description: Baltic Sea RegionGermany is home to a slew of interesting places worth a visit for tourists. There is lot on offer apart from medieval castles, palaces and fortresses, amazing landscape, lively nightlife and other avenues of interest. Coasts of Baltic Sea and North Sea provide numerous perfect vacation destinations to the tourists.

The landscape, consisting of innumerable splendid islands, is immensely beautiful along both these coasts. One may find the flat surroundings extremely easy to maneuver. Quite interestingly, water recedes twice a day along the North Sea Coast, enabling tourists to walk easily across different islands. Wind surfing is made possible by strong winds that blow round the year.

North Sea Coast is lined up by a couple of chains of islands. These islands are grouped as East Frisian Islands and North Frisian Islands. Most of these islands are gifted with beaches having white sand, rolling sand dunes and cool air. One may expect to spend a vacation of at least a couple of days roaming around these islands. St Steverin’s Church and Hornum lighthouse are prominent places of tourist attraction in this region.

The area around North Sea Coast has been declared Wadden Sea National Park to protect its rich bio-diversity. The salt marshes, sand banks, mud flats and tidal creeks present are worth giving a look. Animals belonging to over three thousand species are found here. The aquatic life too is pretty diverse and worth getting a glimpse of.

Most of these islands are easily accessible with help of ferries and air travel. Horse drawn carriages and bikes are prominent ways of getting around. Cars are not generally allowed here with exception of few islands. Tourists can enjoy their stay in any of the numerous resorts that are present here.

The Baltic Sea Coastline is equally stunning as that of North Sea. Its unusual shape is a source of amusement and excitement of visitors. The curves of this coastline along Shleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western resemble letter ‘S’ of English alphabet. This unique geography of this coast attracts thousands of tourists, both domestic and foreign, every year.

A tour to Baltic Sea Coastline is best started at northeastern Shleswig-Holstein. It used to be a prosperous region in past and the remains of buildings of yesteryears stand as a testimony to that era. The structures present in Lübeck are dated back to the period between 13th and 15th century. In fact, the richness of Lübeck in terms of splendidly built buildings is unmatched by any other place in northern Germany.

The Salt Lofts or Salzpeicher in German is a group of six renaissance era buildings. These were used to store white gold or salt during that era. These buildings can be visited for having a glimpse of region’s rich past.

The area between Bay of Lübeck and Stettinar Haff is home to second curve of Baltic Sea Coastal region. One may find a number of islands, peninsulas and bays in this region that make it immensely beautiful region. There are a number of cities and towns of historic importance in this region as well which are worth visiting.