Cologne and Düsseldorf

Description: Cologne and DüsseldorfCologne and Düsseldorf, located in Western Germany, are situated along River Rhine. Cologne is among the biggest tourist hotspots in the country and is renowned as its Gay Capital. At the same time, Düsseldorf is renowned for its carnivals, trade fairs, fashion shopping and nightlife.

Their close proximity warrants tourists to plan a comprehensive trip that covers both these cities. However, there is some inter-state rivalry brewing among residents of these cities and tourists should avoid making a mention of other one in either of these two cities.

Cologne is home to a number of interesting places which are worth a visit. Sight of Kölner Dom or Cologne’s Cathedral while exiting from Central Station is really stunning. A visit to its treasury and tower ought to be considered for enjoying some beautiful views. Twelve Roman era churches, picturesque parks and traditional neighborhoods present in this city are worth a visit as well.

The museums and galleries in Cologne are renowned for their splendid collection. The exhibitions at Museum Ludwig, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Römisch-Germanisches Museum, Kolumba and Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum für Völkerkunde etc are worth watching. The architecture of most of these museums is equally stunning as their collections.

The Winter Carnival held in February every year is a splendid carnival. A number of musical events, parades and other festivities are organized during this time. Euphoria engulfs whole city during this time. It is attended by over 1 million people every year. This is one event which no one should miss.

Other prominent activities of tourist interest in Cologne include Cologne Gay Pride festival, ride in aerial tramway, visit to the popular zoo and fun rides at Phantasialand. A visit to Unsichtbar is a really interesting one. Visitors are made to eat in total darkness and this experience is quite unforgettable. Do enjoy the local cuisine and drinks and collect a number of souvenirs.

Düsseldorf has a nice mix of historical as well as modern avenues of tourist interest. The Old Town houses a number of historic places, which were rebuilt after World War II. Neander Church is a 17th century church which has an impressive built and is worth watching.

Numerous shops and bars are present in a relatively small area. Other places of interest in Old Town include Burgplatz (Castle-Square), numerous breweries, Castle Tower, and a number of traditional gas lamps.

St. Lambertus Basilika is another monument which deserves a visit. This is an age old structure which is associated with a number of interesting stories. The City Monument at Burgplatz is an interest monument dedicated to this town. A number of important events in its history are indicated with intricate artwork. The City Hall is a 16th century historic building and worth seeing. Free guided tours are available here every Wednesday.

Düsseldorf is renowned around the world for numerous interesting events. The Carnival organized in February ought not to be missed by any individual. Kirmes is another immensely popular festival which is organized in July every year. It is among biggest festivals in the region and attended by millions.