Description: DresdenDresden is a historic city having a rich history of over eight hundred years. Capital of Saxony state, it is located along the Elbe River. The Old Town in Dresden is full of historic landmarks and is worth a visit. It is strategically located and an important link between Berlin and Prague.

Zwinger Palace is an important tourist attraction of Dresden. The art collections of this palace are quite famous and so are numerous sculptures, a nympheum, and bell pavilion. The museum dedicated to Saxon Kings is also worth a visit. Another place worth seeing here is Madonna Sistina of Rafael along with its three angels.

Frauenkirche, a historic church, is essentially symbol of the city. It has a stunning architecture and its tower, golden cross and collection of ruins are worth seeing. Semperoper, an opera house, is another splendidly built building with great architecture. It hosts splendid performances every now and then which can be enjoyed by the visitors.

Schloss und Grünes Gewölbe, The Green Vault, is among most prominent European treasure chamber museums. The court of Mughal King of India, Aurangzeb, precious crown jewels and a large green diamond are simply stunning. Visit this place for catching glimpse of some splendid treasures collected from around the world.

There are a number of other museums worth visiting in Dresden. Museum of Mineralogy, Dresden History Museum, City Gallery of Dresden, Leonhardi Museum, Kunsthaus Dresden, Japanisches Palais and Kuegelgenhaus – Museum of Dresdener Romantic Art. Visit at least a couple of them for having an enriching experience.

Nearby Elbe Valley is a picturesque place which offers numerous interesting activities. It was removed from UNESCO World Heritage List after the government built a four lane highway bridge through it. Nevertheless, it remains a splendid tourist attraction that ought to be visited at any cost.

River banks are full of tourists during evenings and nights in summer season. A number of people can be seen here enjoying sports, parties and barbeques. Organize your own party with a group at this time while having beer and enjoying music. The sight of tourists clubbing smaller such parties into bigger ones is a common one here during this time.

The Dixieland Festival is among the biggest jazz festivals in Europe. Music bands from most parts of the world, including Europe and US, participate in this festival. Filmnächte is the biggest film festival in Europe, which is organized between June and August every year on banks of river Elbe. Bunte Republik Neustadt (BRN) and The Striezelmarkt are other important events that can be enjoyed. Check local listings for exact dates.

A number of interesting places around Dresden are worth visiting as well. Such places include Bautzen (a picturesque place), Erzgebirge (for hiking), Königstein Fortress (among biggest and most well preserved medieval fortresses in Europe), Pillnitz and Radeberg for brewery tours in the countryside.

Most places of tourist interest in Dresden can be enjoyed with the help of public transport with an exceptional ease. The city has an extensive public transport system. Bike travel of the city is quite popular among tourists. Bike taxis and horse carriages offer a unique way of traveling in and around the city.