Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt

Description: WiesbadenFrankfurt, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt are important cities in the state Hesse. Frankfurt has always been a prominent financial and industrial location and an important place in Germany with regards to tourist interest. Wiesbaden is the state capital, a historic city and a major host of interesting events like conventions, trade fairs etc.

The futuristic skyline and historic places in Frankfurt provide a welcome contrast. It attracts millions of tourists from around the world every year. Some of trade shows organized here such as annual Book Fair and Auto Show are renowned around the world for their grandeur. Best time to visit this fabulous city is between spring and autumn.

The historical places such as Römerberg, Saint Bartholomeus' Cathedral, Hauptwache, Alte Oper, Paulskirche (St. Paul's Church) and Sachsenhausen are worth paying a visit. Römerberg was city center in the past and rebuilt after World War II. Many centuries old cathedral situated here deserves a visit.

A couple of 14th and 15th century buildings like Rententurm (Wharfinger's Tower), Alte Nikolaikirche and Town Hall have interesting architecture and ought to be visited as well. Saint Bartholomeus' Cathedral is a 14th century Gothic Cathedral with an impressive built. It hosted crowning of emperors of Roman Kingdom for a major portion of history.

Tourists can visit the Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge) for a nice view of the city. A number of concerts and festivities are hosted at Alte Oper. Check local listings to know if you are lucky enough to visit any of those events during your time of travel. Sachsenhausen region of Frankfurt can be visited for enjoying famous old cider bars, restaurants and traditional shops.

Dozens of museums are present in city which can be visited for catching a glimpse of city’s glorious past, sculptures, archaeological findings and other walks of life. An important event organized in end of April every year is Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums). All museums are open for visitors during whole night. Museumsuferfest is another popular festival when interesting activities are organized and plenty of music and food are available.

Wiesbaden, the state capital, is located at short distance from Frankfurt. It is smaller as compared to Frankfurt, yet charming and peaceful as well. It is a historic city, famous for its spas. It was renowned during ancient times as well for the spas that made it popular among Romans.

When in Wiesbaden, do not forget to enjoy its spas. Kaiser-Friedrich Therme is an important destination for enjoying its famous spas with Roman frescoes, whirlpool and swimming pools.

Nearby city of Darmstadt is renowned for Jugendstil (art nouveau) buildings, Lander Ludwig, Waldspirale, Castle Frankenstein, Orangerie baroque garden and Eisenbahnmuseum Darmstadt-Kranichstein (railway museum). Castle Frankenstein is over millennia old and its mention has been found in records as old as 948 AD. All these places are worth at least one visit.

A number of festivals and other interesting events are held here every year. The prominent ones include Heinerfest (held in June/July), Schloßgrabenfest (music festival in May), Filmfest Weiterstadt (open air film festival in August) and Darmstädter Dichterschlacht (poetry slam series).