German Alps

Description: German AlpsA trip to Germany can be complete only with a visit to the gorgeous German Alps. Located in Bavaria and continuing across nearby Austria, these mountains are also known by the name Bavarian Alps. The magnificent city of Munich acts as a gateway to these mountains. There is no better tour than to enjoy this splendid city and take a tour of German Alps.

These picturesque mountains are home to some of the most beautiful places one may find in entire country. Quite interestingly, this region is also home to the current pope! The region of German Alps is dotted with palaces and castles that have stunning built. Apart from the castles and palaces, a number of churches and other shrines can also be found in this region.

Most peaks in German Alps are of scalable height. One may get to top of these mountains with considerable ease as compared to those in most other European countries. Scale these peaks to enjoy some stunning sceneries. While doing so, one may come across a number of beautiful lakes and rivers. Make it a point to stop for some time and marvel at their beauty while clicking lots of photographs.

This region also offers innumerable opportunities of hiking. The hiking trails here in German Alps are considered among the finest trails one may find anywhere in the world. One may even reach up to the open frontier of neighboring Austria while following the marked hiking trails in this region. You would definitely cherish the time spent while hiking in this region.

The castles are dated back to Celtic and Roman era. The Herrenchiemsee Palace built during reign of King Ludwig II boasts of stunning architecture. This 19th century palace is renowned for beautiful fountains, statues, a museum and a mirror gallery. The King’s legacy includes Linderhof castle, which is renowned for its beauty along with Venus Grotto and Moorish Kiosk.

Driving along the Romantic Road is one of most popular itineraries in the world. The road is flanked by beautiful scenery on either side. It leads up to the splendid Neuschwanstein Castle, another must visit place in the region. The beauty of this castle will definitely leave you spell-bound.

There are a number of castles, lakes and avenues of mountain biking in and around the picturesque town of Füssen. The popular lakes Alatsee, Obersee, Alpsee and Mittlerersee etc are perfect locations for enjoying swimming. Füssen is quite near to some beautiful Austrian villages and towns. Do pay a visit to these places for an unforgettable tour.

The area around Lake Constance is another popular tourist destination as well. Tourists can enjoy splendid beauty of region, walk along lakeside and check out relics belonging to medieval era. Seenachstfest is a popular local festival organized in August every year. Plenty of fireworks and other festivities are held during this festival.

Other places of interest include Lake Chiemsee, Fraueninsel, Garmish-Partenkirchen, Oberstdorf, Zugspitze, Mittenwald and Berchtesgaden. Drive safe in the hilly regions to avoid any untoward incident.

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