Germany Medieval Tour

Description: HeidelbergGermany is the place if you want to grab a slice of rich medieval history of Europe. The splendid architecture of its castles, palaces, churches and other prominent buildings of the bygone era can instill a sense of awe in anyone. The major cities that ought to be visited for this purpose include Nuremburg, Heidelberg, Rothenburg, Dinkelsbuhl and Neuschwanstein.

Nuremburg was an important city during medieval times. Visitors would certainly get overawed by the massive structures, castles and other such structures which are hundreds of year old. The Nuremburg Castle located in old part of the town is a splendid example of city’s glorious past. It has a huge built with equally impressive interiors. Luginsland tower, Kaiserstallung storehouse, five-cornered tower and couple of gates are simply stunning.

The walls of Old Town in Nuremburg are still in good shape and explain why this city could survive numerous attacks throughout course of history. St Sebald Church, St Lawrence Church, St. Johns church, Johannisstrasse, Lindengasse etc are some of the places worth visiting in the city to have a glimpse of its past.

Heidelberg has been aptly titled a jewel among prominent travel destinations in entire Germany. Loads of medieval era monuments survived allied bombings during WW II. Thousands of tourists pay a visit to this place to watch the ancient buildings that are well preserved here.

Historic city center, known as Altstadt and main street, Hauptstrasse are must visit places. Castle at Heidelburg has retained its charm and beauty even after hundreds of years. Guided tours are available here in numerous prominent languages. Heiligenburg Mountain houses couple of places worth visiting. Ruins of a 10th century cloister, ancient walls, and Nazi era open air theaters too deserve a visit.

Famous churches such as Jesuitenkirche and Heiliggeistkirche have impressive built and interesting history. Do make it a point to visit these churches without fail. Visit nearby Königstuhl-Mountain to enjoy a nice view to the surroundings and a historic wooden funicular train which is over 100 years old.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is located between Munich and Frankfurt along the world renowned Romantic Road in Bavaria state. Age old structures including Market Square, Town Hall, Ratstrinkstube, 13th century Town Hall Tower (Rathausturm), Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum and Church of St. Jacob ought to be visited for catching a glimpse of glorious German past. Driving along the Romantic Road provides a unique experience as well.

World renowned Neuschwanstein Castle is another must visit place in Germany. It is known for its splendid built and unique location. It is visible from quite a distance and has beautiful surroundings as well. The interior is equally stunning and may leave you filled with awe. The mother of all German castles, its impression on Disney’s fairytales is well known.

Dinkelsbuhl is another prominent place of interest in Bavaria region of Germany for history enthusiasts. It is home to numerous historic churches and walls and worth-visiting museums as well. St George Minister, St Paul church, Teutonic Order, Deutsches Haus, Museum of the 3rd and St Vincent church etc are some of the important historic places in the city.

Overall, Germany is dotted with medieval era structures. A large number of these were destroyed during World War II. German authorities have done a remarkable job to reconstruct most of such structures and retain the glory of past.