Germany Travel Guide

Description: GermanyGermany is one of most interesting places worth visiting one may find on the entire planet. Its historic sites, picturesque landscape, mountains, valleys and modern lifestyle can impress every tourist paying a visit here. Native Germans are extremely warm-hearted and are found to indulge in casual discussions with visitors quite easily.

Germany is full of must visit places that are special for a variety of reasons. Most popular places here are capital city Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Dresden, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Nuremburg. Other places of tourist interest include The Baltic Sea Coast, North Sea Coast, Rhine Valley, Black Forest, Lake Constance, The Alps, and the world renowned Romantic Road.

Berlin, the capital city, is among most popular tourist destinations here. It is home to the iconic Berlin Wall that separate West Germany and East Germany before their unification. Berlin is home to numerous galleries, restaurants, shops and nightclubs – all of which are worth visiting places.

Hamburg is a special city in many regards. It is an important destination for commerce, industry, historic and of course for travel prospects. There are numerous avenues of tourist interest here including five major churches, Hamburg Town Hall, Mönckebergstraße, Spitaler Straße, harbor area, numerous parks, beaches and museums.

Munich is a scenic place and a gateway to German Alps. There are some stunning palaces, museums, and other monuments worth visiting. It also holds renowned festivals every year like the immensely popular Oktoberfest, Tollwood, Maibaumaufstellung etc. Munich is one place in Germany which no avid traveler should miss.

There are a number of historic sites here in Germany as well. The most prominent ones include Nuremburg, Heidelberg, Rothenberg, Dinkelsbuhl, and Neuschwanstein. Visit these places to have a glimpse of medieval as well as ancient history of gorgeous Germany. There are some stunning castles in these places which deserve a look.

German Alps provide numerous opportunities to adventure seekers. German Alps are renowned for excellent hiking trails, and avenues of skiing and mountain biking. Munich being in proximity to German Alps, acts as a gateway to these stunning mountains. These mountains are must visit place due to their sheer natural beauty and numerous activities worth enjoying.

The sea costs of North Sea and Baltic Sea are quite stunning and hugely popular among domestic as well as foreign tourists. These coasts play host to various water sports such as wind-surfing etc. The area around these coasts is quite peaceful and tourists can enjoy quiet holidays here.

Driving along The Romantic Route is a popular activity among tourists. Its starting point is Würzberg and ending point is Fussen. A number of cities, including Harburg, Rothenburg and Donauworth, are situated on this immensely popular and scenic route.

When in Germany, make it a point to enjoy the local festivals, drinks (notably beer and wine) and local cuisine. Avoid mentioning anything about Nazi era and carry Nazi symbols; it might land you in trouble. Overall, most of Germany is pretty safe for tourists and it is easy to get around, thanks to extensive travel network.