Description: HamburgHamburg is one of the numerous immensely interesting cities that make Germany an ideal place for tourists. It has been a very important city in the region throughout its history and remains so in current times well. Hamburg is situated along river Elbe and its harbor is heart of the city. It is second biggest city in the country, second biggest port in Europe and among the top ten biggest ports in entire world.

Avenues of tourist interest are scattered all around Hamburg. The City Center is an ideal place to start exploring this city. Streets like Mönckebergstraße, Spitaler Straße, churches of St Jacobi and St Petri, Bishops Tower and 9th century fortress Hammaburg are quite popular among tourists and are worth visiting.

The City Hall is a 19th century structure with impressive architecture. A number of events are organized here throughout the year, prominently during summer season. Guided tours are also available here. Boating tours in artificial lakes such as Binnenalster and Außenalster along Jungfernstieg road ought to be enjoyed.

The area around St Nikolai, a prominent church, is quite interesting one. St Nikolai was damaged pretty badly during WWII, but it has not been renovated and kept as memorial of the war. This area has a number of impressive statues and old bridges, and popular destinations like Willy-Brandt-Straße Street, Nicolai Fleet canal etc.

Harbor area is the heart of the city and is a must visit one. It is always buzzing with activity and scores of tourists can be found around this area. The Hamburg Dungeon, Miniatur Wunderland and Hamburg Cruise Center are must visit places. The Hamburg Dungeon hosts a live action presentation of past of the city. It can be interesting for teens but not for kids.

In fact, Miniatur Wunderland is largest model railway layout in the world. There are a number of interesting exhibits here, including those of Hamburg, The Alps, an airport and automated ships. Hamburg Cruise Center is the place to catch a cruise liner. HafenCity View Point, an observation tower, can be visited to enjoy splendid view of HafenCity, harbor and river Elbe.

Church St Michaelis is among the most well known landmarks in Hamburg. Tourists can visit this church to have a glimpse of splendid German architecture of past. The area in and around Landungsbrücken is essentially worth visiting. It is an important part of the harbor and is full of bridges, souvenir shops, restaurants and boating avenues.

Reeperbahn in Sankt Pauli neighborhood is another must visit place in Hamburg. This place holds massive fairs three times every year. It gets flooded with food vendors, rides and animatronics during these fairs which are organized during March, August and November every year. It is popular for a splendid nightlife, bars, live music, musicals, theater and sex tourism.

Presence of innumerable avenues of tourist interest in Hamburg can simply overawe any visitor. There are loads of places such as museums, art galleries, parks, small beaches, theaters to visit. Covering all of them can take days altogether and one must be willing to spare at least a few days for this city alone to enjoy them all.