Art lovers’ paradise – Florence

Description: FlorenceFlorence is essentially among the best places around the world for lovers of art and architecture. The birthplace of Renaissance in Italy, it was one of the most important European cities for over a significant period of time during earlier half of past millennium.

One may be amazed by simply having a look at the exquisitely built churches and other buildings. These churches, which are spread across the city, house some of the finest pieces of art one can find anywhere in the world. Apart from the churches, art enthusiasts ought to visit the art galleries as well where fine pieces of art are always on the display.

Galleria degli Uffizi is among the most prominent art museums here. It stores antique sculptures and fine Renaissance era paintings. Before visiting Uffizi, it helps to have a prior booking as the place is invariably thronged by art lovers at any given time.

Another place to watch Renaissance paintings and antique sculptures is Bargello. Quite interestingly, works of some of the best known artists including Antonio Rossellino, Michelangelo, Bandinelli etc are housed here. Art enthusiasts can also visit galleries like Accademia Gallery, Pitti Palace and Institute and Museum of the History of Science.

Florence houses over eighty worth visiting museums as well. The prominent ones include Palazzo della Signoria, City hall, the Stibbert Museum, Museum of the Cloister of Santa Maria Novella and Zoological Museum. The works of modern sculptor Marino Marini are housed in a museum named after him. Apart from these, major museums include Strozzi Palace, Museo Horne and works of Alinari brothers.

A place worth visiting for sight seeing purposes is the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. It was considered a masterpiece during the Renaissance era and an architectural gem due to its superb construction. One can also climb up the Giotto’s Tower which is nearby the cathedral. It offers a splendid view of the surroundings.

Boboli Gardens, situated near the Pitti Palace, is an exquisitely landscaped garden which ought to be visited by every one coming into the city. Besides the landscape, the interesting statues are also a source of amusement for the tourists.

Tourists can also have a view of some exquisitely designed frescoes at Santa Maria del Carmine, San Miniato al Monte and Santa Felicita. These places are spread across the city and are worth visiting as well. Besides housing beautiful frescoes, these places are also renowned for their well built structures.

When in Florence, do not forget to climb the Duomo or Campanile. Here, one can enjoy a magnificent view of the city and admire the size of the Duomo. Street performers make a performance at Uffizi regularly during night time. These ought to be enjoyed after having dinner.

The entire city of Florence can be easily accessed on foot. Besides that, traversing on foot has been considered the best way to have a look at the city from as close as possible. One can also get bikes on rent and roam around.