Description: BolognaBologna is one of the most interesting cities that one may find across entire Italy. It is popular along the tourist circles for many reasons, including for being a historical city, delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife and splendid architecture. Though not much popular among foreign tourists, it is essentially a must visit place for everyone.

Its beauty has been compared with that of Venice. Apart from that, the local cuisine is as diverse and as delicious that one may imagine. Such great food makes it an ideal destination for ‘foodies’ or those individuals who like food. In many ways, it is an excellent place to have rest for few days while traveling between Florence, Venice and Milan.

One may find countless museums, art galleries and other places worth visiting here. In addition to these places, there are a couple of festivities to enjoy as well. Everyone ought to grab at least some of the delicacies that Bologna has to offer.

The best way to visit the museums and art galleries spread across the city is to have Museum Card, which can help in getting free access to major museums here. The prominent museums in Bologna include Archaeological Museum, Jewish Museum, Gallery of Modern Art of Bologna, National Picture Gallery, The University Museums etc.

The Archaeological Museum houses some real gemstones; it has a vast collection that includes Egyptian antiquities, items belonging to ancient Rome and various Iron Age items as well. The University in the Palazzo Poggi houses a number of museums, collectively known as University Museums. These museums house thousands of artifacts ranging from warships to Renaissance era artifacts.

Tower of the Asinelli and Tower of the Garisenda are two major sightseeing points that ought to be visited. These are essentially the main symbols of Bologna and both of them stand pretty tall. Visit St. Luke's Basilica to have a splendid view of the city and of course, for having a walk across the magnificently built basilica.

Visitors can also stroll across some of the finest parks and gardens situated here. These include Giardini Margherita, Parco Montagnola, Orto Botanico, Villa Guastavillani and Certosa. Some of these gardens are pretty old and have been popular ever since these were built. The Villa Guastavillani was built in the 16th century and Certosa was built on ruins of a pre-historic Etrusan necropolis.

Bologna even hosts a couple of interesting activities as well. A major film festival is organized in July every year. A number of popular Italian and French movies are displayed along with animation stories. In addition to that, an International Automobile Exhibition is organized here every year which is in fact, a splendid show attended by who’s who of international automobile makers.

Any discussion about Bologna would be incomplete without a talk on music and food. There are numerous avenues in the city where one can enjoy all forms of music including music festivals, rock shows and regular performances. In addition, one ought to enjoy the numerous delicacies like cakes, fish, meat etc along with the famous Italian wines.