Italy travel guide

Description: ItalyItaly, the birthplace of modern Western culture, is located along Southern Europe and is among the most beautiful places on earth. Quite interestingly, people of all tastes including fashion, art, cuisine, water sports, luxurious automobiles and nature, find plenty of things and places that cater to their interests. Here are few lines dedicated to immensely wonderful place.

Italy has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years. It has been the hot-point of activity for entire Europe throughout the course of history. People belonging to numerous cultures from places as far as Greece, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Austria etc lived and thrived here. At one point in history, Roman Kingdom was the strongest in Europe, dominating large swathes of Europe.

Italy is home to numerous beautiful cities including capital city Rome, Bologna, Florence, Naples and Milan. Most of these cities are famous for something unique. For instance, Florence is known for being the birthplace of Renaissance and Venice, which is aptly titled the most romantic city one may find anywhere. The world renowned Leaning Tower of Pisa has become symbol of this country.

The stunning medieval era cathedrals dot most cities of Italy, underlining its rich cultural heritage. Apart from that, when in Italy, one is never too far from a coast. Thus, when you feel getting overwhelmed by the amazing destinations, just set off for a splash in the crystal clear sea water or enjoy a couple of water sports along the gorgeous beaches.

The capital city, Rome, is certainly ranked high among the must visit places in Italy. The grand romantic ruins, over thousand year churches, fountains and a rich cultural heritage leave everyone stunned. A truly world class city, the entire city of Rome needs more than a complete life-time to be explored completely.

Whether or not you are a devout Christian, you ought to pay a visit to The Vatican. The Vatican, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, is an independent country and at the same time, surrounded by Rome from all sides. Do check out the Vatican Museum and St Peter’s Square.

Italy is also home to some of the finest museums in the entire world. The Uffizi Museum in Florence, Brera Art Gallery in Milan, The Etruscan Academy Museum of the City of Cortona, Science and Technology Museum in Milan and Roman Civilization Museum in Rome are some of such museums which deserve at least one visit. Apart from other walks of Italian life, the Roman history tends to mesmerize every visitor.

Mouth watering Italian cuisine is another aspect of Italian tourism. Pizzas and pastas, which have become favorite food items of millions around the world, originated here. No wonder, there isn’t a better place in the world to taste these food items rather than their native place!

The best place to start the tour is of course, Rome. Get around this ancient city and later check out the other places. It is well connected to most parts of the globe including rest of Europe with flights and other means of travel. Benvenuti in Italia!