Description: NaplesItaly is essentially gifted with interesting places and Naples surely is among one of such places. It was founded by the Greeks much before Christ and has a long history of over 2500 years. This historic city has been aptly adopted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has an interesting history and a romantic geographic location.

There are loads of places worth visiting in and around Naples. Situated along western Italian coast, it was a prominent center of activity in the past. Tourists can enjoy watching the countless historical monuments, water sports in Gulf of Naples, a trip to ghost town of Pompeii and the iconic Mount Vesuvius which is in fact, symbol of Italy in many ways.

One may find a number of churches and museums worth visiting in Naples. These include Castel dell'Ovo at Porto Santa Lucia, Castelnuovo, Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte and Museo Archeologico Nazionale. The list of parks, piazzas and museums runs into dozens, most of being must visit places.

Castel dell'Ovo at Porto Santa Lucia is a historic castle which is located on a small peninsula. An interesting museum, Museum of Prehistory, is housed in the castle these days. Castelnuovo is another medieval castle which has been converted into a museum. A splendid collection of historic artifacts can be found in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale.

A place which stands apart from the numerous churches, museums and castles in the city, is the Parco Virgiliano. This offers a splendid view of the region and is another must visit place here. It is located at a small distance from the city center and can be reached quite easily.

Naples is also host to a number of interesting festivals which are organized throughout the year. The most prominent one among these festivals is the Disaccordi Open Air Cinema Festival. This festival goes on for a number of days and among other celebrations, open air amphitheatres play movies during the night. 

Quite interestingly, Naples is the birth place of pizza in Italy. So, is there any other place better than tasting it in its homeland? Perhaps, a big no. When in Naples, do not forget tasting pizza with basil along with tomato and mozzarella toppings. Taste of pizzas at any other place would not stand a match to that in its birthplace!

Enjoying water sports in the Gulf of Naples is another activity which you should not miss. Snorkeling and diving are some of these water sports which every tourist would like to indulge in. Alas, there are so many must visit places and must do activities that you would rue if you miss any of those.

Guided tours to Mount Vesuvius and the ghost town of Pompeii are available here. Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano in the region that led to destruction of Pompeii in AD 79. In fact, Pompeii got rediscovered in the end of 16th century. This is a tour which you may not want to miss.