Rome – the city of dreams

Description: RomeRome can easily overwhelm even the deftest tourists pretty easily. Owing to its sheer beauty and numerous avenues for tourism, it has been aptly titled the city of dreams. The numerous imposing structures present here are a testimony to the rich history of this city. It is the perfect destination for history lovers, party buffs and family travel as well.

Rome was the center of the most powerful kingdom in Europe in the past. It is dotted by countless historical monuments which speak volumes about its cultural past. The basilicas, palaces, other monuments and ruins can mesmerize every tourist. There is so much to see here that you ought to plan pretty well in advance or else risk missing some important monuments.

Every visitor ought to visit Old Rome which houses numerous historic monuments. Prominent landmarks in the area include Largo di Torre Argentina, Piazza Colonna, and Piazza della Minnerva. Other historical buildings include a number of imposing palaces such as Palazzo della Cancelleria, Palazzo della Sapienza and Palazzo Spada.

The massive Colosseum is essentially a must visit place for every tourist coming into the city. It was an amphitheater in ancient Rome where gladiatorial shows and other events were hosted. It remains a splendid example of Roman engineering despite having degenerated owing to natural factors. Even then, it is a prominent place of tourist interest in Rome and a must visit place.

There are a number of other places of interest nearby including Roman Forum, Arch of Constantine, ruins of the Flavian Palace and Colle Oppio Park. The Golden House of Nero is a vast complex which is situated underneath the Colle Oppio Park. One would not resist getting mesmerized by the sheer size and beauty of the complex.

There is quite a lot for family travel in Rome. Rome's Wax Museum, The Time Elevator, Children’s Museum and 3-d rewind are some such places where a complete family can have a good time. Enjoy watching dolphins, exotic birds and sea lions in action at Zoomarine. In addition, visitors can also enjoy swimming pools and water rides here, perfect for families and kids.

The Vatican is another must visit place for everyone when visiting Rome. Though the Vatican Museum can get crowded at times, paying a visit here is worth the effort. The Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Square etc are some of the most visited places here.

One can also enjoy a couple of festivals in Rome. The prominent festivals here include Estate Romana Festival and White Night Festival. The Estate Romana Festival goes on from end June to September. Numerous events like theater, rock, jazz and classical music, kids’ events etc are organized during this time.

There are numerous restaurants and eating joints spread through the entire city. Do not forget to eat delicious Italian dishes such as artichokes, salads, pasta, spaghetti, stew, sandwiches etc. Besides that, party buffs can enjoy late night parties at Testaccio, Campo del Fiori and numerous bars, pubs and discotheques spread over different districts.