The loveliest place on earth – Venice

Description: VeniceWithout any doubt, Venice is the loveliest place on earth. The romantic charm of the city attracts scores of tourists from all parts of the world. Quite interestingly, there are times when the count of tourists exceeds that of local residents! And on top of that, the inherent structure of this city has remained unchanged for over five hundred years.

Venice is made up of 118 islands which are connected by an excellent water transport system. The most popular area of the city is Sestieri which is home to some of the most popular sights in the city. Traveling by boat is the most convenient and popular way of getting around here. By various accounts, it was set up around the year 827 AD when a Byzantine ruler had made this city his capital.

There are quite a number of places worth visiting here. The most prominent ones include age old cathedrals like Saint Mark’s Basilica, over a dozen museums, piazzas and canals. Numerous activities are also organized in most parts of the year. The prominent ones include Voga Longa and Regata 'Storica (Historic fleet event).

Saint Mark’s Basilica is an important place in Venice and definitely a must visit one. It has an imposing structure and an equally interesting history as well. It certainly overawes the visitors with its huge size. Other prominent churches include San Giovanni, Santa Maria Gloriosa and Santa Maria dei Mircoli.

Venice is home to numerous museums that offer a look into rich culture and history of the region. The most popular museums include Correr Museum, Doge’s Palace, Jewish Ghetto of Venice, The Peggy Guggenheim Museum and many more. Art enthusiasts ought to visit the Glass Museum and Goldoni’s House and the countless exhibitions that are hosted during various parts of the year.

When in Venice, one cannot afford to miss certain activities. These include a visit to Rialto Market and the Rialto Bridge. Quite amazingly, the Rialto Bridge is an over eight hundred years structure which has become a symbol of Venice in many ways. On similar lines, tour to the city is incomplete without a visit to Rialto Market which houses numerous shops and restaurants.

One can also enjoy activities like Voga Longa and Regata 'Storica. Voga Longa is essentially a marathon except it is run on water. Competitors row a distance of 32 kilometers or around 20 miles. This event is organized during May every year and is popular among locals and foreigners alike.

Regata 'Storica is organized as a tribute to the city’s rich cultural and historical past. This event is hosted on 1st September every year and is a pretty colorful one. Large vessels known as oarships are rowed during the event and a number of races are organized during this event as well.

The best parts of the year to pay a visit here include spring and fall. The temperature is optimum here for travel during these times. One may reach Venice from Marco Polo or Treviso airport. When in Venice, make sure that you take note of Acqua alta when water level rises and floods the city.