Turin travel guide

Description: TurinTurin is an underrated tourist destination, located in Piedmont region, Northwestern Italy. It has got a certain aristocratic atmosphere as it was the home of royal family of the country and being the first capital of modern Italy. Here, one may find a number of art galleries, parks, palaces and boulevards.

The local tourism department has done pretty well to promote the city among tourists. The Italian Alps overlooking the city provide a mystifying background. Apart from these, there are a number of activities on the offer and events to witness here. Tourists can also visit a couple of splendid places worth exploring around the city.

Turin is home to a number of world famous museums like Mole Antonelliana, National Cinema Museum, Museo Dell’Automobile, and Egyptian Museum etc. Mole Antonelliana is a 167 meter tall, 19th century synagogue. It houses Europe’s best cinema museum and attracts numerous tourists every year.

National Cinema Museum was opened for public in the year 2000 and has an enormous floor area. It is spanned across five floors that cover around 3,200 sq meters. Various aspects of Italian cinema have been covered here that make this place an ideal place for family visit. One can also watch classic Italian movies which are displayed with an overhead projector.

The Egyptian Museum holds over 30,000 Egyptian artifacts that make it one of the most important storehouses of artifacts from Egypt outside Cairo. Tombs, furnishings and other pieces of art and daily usage belonging to pre-historic Egypt have been displayed here.  

Other prominent places of interest in the city include Palazzo Carignano, Quadrilatero Romano, Via Garibaldi, Valentino Park, Cathedral of Superga, La Venaria Reale and Armeria Reale etc. One may find a number of popular streets here that have loads of restaurants and avenues of shopping that are worth trying.

Tourists can indulge in numerous activities here in Turin. These include enjoying a trip to Superga by train, walking along Via Roma and stroll across Via Po. Tourists can be found watching river Po in full flow at one of the bridges along the river. They can also view the magnificent residences that are located nearby and visit natural reserves.

The Italian Alps are located at a distance of stone’s throw from Turin. These provide excellent opportunity to tourists to enjoy skiing in numerous ski resorts located here. Via Lattea is one such resort which is considered to be among the world’s greatest skiing resorts. Apart from that, visitors can also visit the numerous natural reserves located in the vicinity.

Being strategically located near the French border, it has got an excellent domestic as well as foreign connectivity. Its international airport is catered by most major airlines and it is connected to rest of the country and major European cities by an efficient rail and road network. Tourists can consider roaming around in a highly efficient public transportation system.