Description: VeronaVerona is a historic city located in Northern Italy. It has got a lot to offer to the visitors. Quite interestingly, the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is located in Verona which has become a sort of pilgrimage point for lovers. There are quite a lot of places to see here and activities to indulge in. Apart from that, tourists can also check out some interesting avenues around the city.

Verona was a prominent Roman era city in the past. Some of the preserved ruins of that time period stand a testimony to this fact. A large number of these ruins are dated back to the 12th and 13th century AD. History buffs will find this place a treasure-house of Medieval and Renaissance era art.

The Arena, which is a Roman era amphitheatre, has an imposing structure with a long history. It was built in the 1st century AD. It is among the world’s largest known antique amphitheatres. It still acts a magnet for numerous tourists every year. During the Opera season one can see performances as well.

Verona is also home to the famed fable of Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare. The home of Juliet, location of the eternal balcony love scene has become pilgrimage point for lovers. Perhaps, there is no better place in the world to celebrate your love apart from this very point. Tourists can also have a look at the Renaissance era frescoes which were brought here from other palaces etc.

Castelvecchio is a huge castle, built during the 14th century on the banks of Aldige River. Visitors can have a look at the Renaissance paintings and medieval sculptures. It is an ideal place for family visit. One can also have a walk on the adjoining bridge for some magnificent view of the castle and the entire region.

Other places worth visiting here include Castle Scaligeri, Piazza delle Erbe, Lamberti Tower, Verona Cathedral, San Giorgetta Chapel and Basilica of St Zeno. Basilica of St Zeno is a famous medieval era church which is an important European pilgrimage place. One can view the splendid artwork collection and age-old frescoes preserved here.

There are certain activities which can be taken up in Verona. These activities include climbing the top of Lamberti tower, enjoying splendid view of S. Maria di Lourdes Sanctuary and shopping at the Christmas markets, if you happen to visit Verona during the Christmas time.

Guided wine tours to the Valpolicella valley which is located nearby. Some of the better known wines such as Amarone and Recioto have originated here. One can enjoy the delicious wines and local cuisine at the numerous local wineries. It is always a good idea to get in touch with the wineries pretty well in advance before heading towards here.

Another place worth visiting here is the Lake Garda. Short, one day trips to the lake can be organized with the help of local tour operators. Apart from enjoying the scenic lake, tourists can also visit the nearby towns that offer plenty of magnificent views.