10th country of destination by international tourist arrivals in 2012
25.0 million visitors per year (+0.3)

TOP TRAVEL DESTINATION: Federation of Malaysia

Characteristics about MalaysiaMalaysia is an attractive nation in the Asia one of the well renowned top travel destination. It is the combination of the modern world and is among the developing nation. In the past years Malaysia has done the investment in high technology industries and moderate oil wealth and now it has become a rich nation in South-East Asia. Malaysia has its origins in the Malay Kingdoms present in the area which became subject to the British Empire during the 18th century.

Malaysia is becoming a very attractive tourist spot with the tag line of “Malaysia truly Asia” being propagated in many parts of the world and also sends the message of being the top travel destination. Malaysia is consists of a number of tourist spots. Kuala Lumpur, the capital city itself has plenty to offer in terms of shopping, entertainment and sightseeing. The other popular tourist destinations in the country are Penang, Johor, Selangor, Langkawi among many others. Each state in Malaysia is different in terms of the people, their culture and lifestyle. Visiting each state is a completely new experience as it varies from place to place.

The Climate

Malaysia is an equatorial country and as a result has a uniform temperature throughout the year. The closeness to the equator results a warm weather. Temperatures generally

Skyline of Kuala Lumpur range from 32°C at noon to about 26°C at midnight. But like most Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia's sun-shining days are interrupted by Monsoon season from November and February every year, and night temperatures can hit a low to about 23°C in the rainy days. Malaysia’s climate gives one more reason to call it a top travel destination with beautiful variations.

The Peninsular area is often affected by cold waves from Siberia during the north-east monsoon. However the annual variation in temperature is less than 3°C here.

The north-east monsoon deluges Borneo and the east coast in rain (October to February) and often causes flooding. While the west coast remains away from it.

The milder south-west monsoon happens in a reverse style to that of the north-east from April to October.

The southern parts of peninsular Malaysia, including the capital Kuala Lumpur, are exposed to both but Clouds Gunung Brinchang Cameron highlands Malaysiaeven during the rainy season; the showers tend to be intense but in short.

The Highlands are cooler as compared to the other parts of Malaysia. With the likes of Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands and Fraser's Hill having temperatures ranging from about 17°C at night to about 25°C in the day. Mount Kinabalu is known to have temperatures falling below 10°C.

The Culture and Religion

The vast culture of Malaysia makes it a top travel destination in the world. Malaysia is one of the important countries of South East Asia known for its diverse culture and is fast becoming one of the attractive tourist destinations in the region. Culture of Malaysia is very liberal as the country is consisting of a heterogeneous society. Apart from the originated people of Malaysia, the country also includes the citizens from Indian and Chinese origin. Thus the culture of the country was considerably influenced by the Indian and Chinese culture.

Many years ago, Malaysia was a place of Hinduism but after the invasion by Arabs the mass conversion happened and now it is an Islamic state. The major religions of Malaysia include Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Confucianism. Yes, the religion is another factor for making Malaysia a top travel destination.

Places to tour in Malaysia


Malaysia offers a wide range of tourist attractions hence it is a top travel destination. Malaysia has the potential of catering to tourist of different origin and it truly lives up to its tag line of Malaysia Truly Asia.

Kuala LumpurKuala Lumpur is the cover of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur has been blessed with colors of modernism along with rich heritage.

PenangPenang is famous for its natural beauty. Also known as the 'Pearl of Orient'.

Kelantan – Kelantan is found in the vitality of its culture and its remote, unsullied beauty. Kelantan offers plenty of opportunities for tourists such as river cruises, river rafting, bird watching and jungle trekking.

MalaccaMalacca is a unique portray of its cultural heritage. Its colonial past is evident in its Portuguese architecture, whereas on the streets, Chinese influence is most visible.

Perlis – Perlis is famous for its serene unblemished beauty, rustic rural scenes and verdant paddy fields.

SabahSabah attracts visitors with its scenic beauty, rugged landscape and cultural diversity.

Beaches of MalaysiaSarawakSarawak is a preferred tourist destination because of it beauty in culture, nature and adventure tourism. The rainforests of Sarawak are home to the richest and most diverse ecosystem of the world.

PerakPerak is famous for several tourist destinations of moderate interest. The main tourist destination would probably be Pangkor Island, about 85km from Ipoh, and Ipoh itself because of its great food.

Terengganu – Terengganu is the repository of Malaysia's cultural heritage. It is a serene state, with numerous small villages, quiet roads, and secluded islands and beaches.

When to go

As Malaysia's equatorial climate means that whenever you visit this country you're guaranteed warm weather and at least a sprinkling of rain. The temperature here rarely strays far from an annual average of 28°C except in the hill resorts, which offer a cool escape from the heat and humidity during the months of March and April.

The dry, sunny weather that predominates from March to October is interrupted between November and February when the monsoon brings rain to the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia and parts of Saban and Sarawak. The West Coast of the Peninsula has its wettest months in September and October.

Travelling in Malaysia

Trains in MalaysiaMalaysia, the top travel destination can be toured by the following modes:

By planeMalaysia is crisscrossed by a web of affordable flights with advertised "promotional" prices. Flying is the only practical option for traveling between peninsular Malaysia and Borneo, as well as reaching some of the more remote outposts of Borneo.

By train – Long-distance trains in Malaysia can rarely match road transport in terms of speed.

By carMalaysia has an excellent highway network and one can hire a car for traveling to the places.

By bus – The cheapest way to travel in Malaysia is by bus. All towns of any size have a bus terminal offering connections to other parts of the country.

Organized tours – Organized tours are a great way to see the sites and soak up the local culture – especially if you’re travelling alone or are a first-time traveller.  Check out some of the options for tours in Malaysia.

Major Airports in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur International Airport
– Sultan Abdul Halim Airport
– Kota Kinabalu (Sabah)
Kuching (Sarawak)
– Langkawi

So, what are you waiting for, just get ready for the tour to Malaysia, the top travel destination in the world.

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