Description: IpohIpoh is a serene city located in Perak state along western coast of Malaysian peninsula. It is a historical city and a number of historical buildings stand as a testimony to the same. This city is also renowned for excellent local cuisine, interesting activities and numerous places of interest around it.

Ipoh field or Padang Ipoh is where a number of historical buildings are situated. Ipoh Town Hall, Museum Darul Ridzuan and Ipoh Railway Station are such buildings of historical importance for the city where visitors can catch a glimpse of its interesting architecture.

Historical buildings such as FMS Bar, Ipoh Club and St Michael's Institution secondary school deserve a visit. All of these have been built with splendid colonial style architecture. The Ipoh Railway Station is another structure built in an excellent way. It resembles the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station and has been titled ‘Taj Mahal of Ipoh’.

Tourists can also visit Ipoh Town Hall to have a glimpse of interesting gothic architecture. Museum Darul Ridzuan is a splendid museum, located in Jalan Kuala Kangsar. It is a nice place to catch a glimpse of interesting history of the region. Free Heritage Walk led by a guide is an ideal way to explore the historic aspects of this city.

There are a number of places nearby Ipoh which can be considered for a visit. Places like Kellie's Castle, Perak Cave, Cavern of Triple Gems, Kek Lok Tong (a cave temple) are few such interesting ones. Most of these can be reached by driving for about an hour.

Exploring the caves in this region is an interesting activity which is worth enjoying. The largest limestone cave in this region, Gua Tempurung, has been found to be over eight thousand years old! Trekking in a cave river can be quite an adventure and a memorable activity.

The Lost World of Tambun, a water theme park, is a great way of enjoying eco tourism. Families can enjoy water rides and other entertainment stuff. Visits to limestone caves located nearby are organized here for those interested in exploring this region. It also houses a Petting Zoo where animals belonging to a wide variety of species can be seen.

Adventure enthusiasts can visit the nearby Menglembu Hills for trekking on any one of the numerous trekking trails. A visit to the picturesque landscape along with natural limestone formations of odd shapes can be an enchanting one. Locals can provide useful information about walking along these trails.

Ulu Geroh is another ideal destination for eco tourism. White water rafting, hiking, caving etc are some of the activities worth indulging in here. World largest flower, Rafflesia flower, is a source of amusement of visitors. Apart from it, this region is also home to numerous other unique species of plants and animals, notably Birdwing butterfly.

Other places of immense tourist interest in this region include Cameron Highlands, Pulau Banding and Pangkor islands and historic town of Taiping. The highway between Ipoh and Taiping is renowned for beautiful scenery, mountain ranges and rainforests.