Kinabalu National Park

Description: KinabaluKinabalu National Park is home to the renowned Mount Kinabalu and is located in Sabah state of Malaysia. Mount Kinabalu is largest mountain on Borneo Island. It is pretty sacred to the locals and a number of interesting accounts about this mountain are always doing the rounds in nearby places. It is around 4,095m high and can be conquered in around two days time period.

This mountain is quite easy to scale as compared to most other peaks in the world. Locals, including little kids and elders, are seen quite comfortable in scaling it and can reach its peak with ease. One may be amazed to find porters who make multiple trips of around 6.4km or 4miles distance between Laban Rata and Timpohon Gate everyday. These porters carry immense load and can be seen carrying 14kg cylinders with ease!

Though it is easy to climb here, it is helpful to have a practice. This approach can help in prevention of unnecessary muscle cramps, stress and strain. One must have adequate medical supplies along with him or her. The climb can be strenuous for the unprepared climbers. Overnight break is recommended at Laban Rata to have a rest and witness the splendid scene of dawn.

The path of actual climb is well marked and signposts are placed at every half-kilometer or one-third of a mile. At the same time, rest stops are provided at every kilometer up to the summit top. Climbers can stay overnight at Laban Rata where a number of decent accommodations can be found.

Tourists can stay safe and save costs by considering some simple points. While hiking in groups, they happen to save themselves from getting lost, fatigued and ensure timely medical help in case of injury. They can pool in and share guides. They can opt for not getting souvenir certificate and save a significant sum of money. Bringing own hiking poles should also be considered.

The Kinabalu National Park is home to diverse flora and fauna. Quite interestingly, the nature of wildlife can change with increase in altitude as one may keep on climbing. The views from nearby the top can be mesmerizing at times. Region around the top is known for pitcher plants that can be located with the help of a guide.

Visitors must note that Kinabalu National Park is extremely popular among tourists, especially during April, when weather is most favorable for climbing. They may not get last minute accommodation, turning their experience sore. It is worthwhile to have accommodation booked months in advance. Camping is not usually permitted in the park and one must have proper accommodation.

Visitors may consider paying a visit to some other interesting places in the park as well. These include Park Museum and Botanical Gardens. A couple of exhibits related with wildlife in the region are worth exploring here. They can even walk across the jungle and enjoy strolling across the lovely landscape.

They can even visit Poring Hot Springs, located at a distance of 39km or 24miles. These springs are renowned for naturally occurring hot water pools. The 41m high and 157m long Canopy Bridge is also worth visiting. It is a great idea to relax muscles here after the testing climb of Mount Kinabalu.