Description: KuchingKuching, the state capital of Sarawak state, is large and tourist friendly city. It has been aptly titled as a tourist heaven for being home to numerous must visit places. Its long history along with modern avenues of tourist interest and picturesque location has made it an interesting place worth visiting.

Sarawak state belonged to the Sultanate of Brunei about two centuries ago. It came under British colonial rule and was ruled by British adventurer James Brooke and his family until 1942 when it fell under Japanese occupation. It became a part of Malaysia after its independence in 1963. It is multi-racial city with people belonging to numerous cultures, notably Chinese, reside here peacefully.

Every individual can find plenty of places worth visiting here in Kuching. A number of museums, prominent historic buildings, nature sightseeing avenues and those offering water sports must be visited by every tourist. There are a number of interesting places around the city which are ideal for family visit.

Begin touring the city from the Kuching Civic Centre, situated at Jalan Taman Budaya. This three storey building complex is the ideal place where visitors can have a comprehensive view of the city. Its top gives an excellent view of landscape of this city. Tourists can enjoy either one of the two bubble lifts as well. It houses a prominent restaurant, a multi functional hall and the renowned Sultan Iskandar Planetarium.

Visitors can watch interesting displays at the Sultan Iskandar Planetarium. Regular videos about planetary movement of different planets in the solar system are excellent for family viewing. It is the first planetarium in Malaysia and is quite a prominent one in the country.

A visit to Kuching Waterfront ought to be on list of every visitor to Kuching. It is immensely popular among tourists and locals alike. The renowned Fort Margherita, Kampung Sinjan and Kampung Lintang Malay Kampungs and the Astana are best viewed from here. Avoid having food from food stalls here.

Fort Margherita is a historical fort and was built in 1879. These days, it serves as a museum and houses a large collection of historical arms and ammunition including cannons, swords and other pieces of artillery. The Astana is another popular place, located nearby the Kuching Waterfront. It is renowned for its splendid built, a beautiful garden and a watch tower.

There are a number of gardens, markets and other popular complexes as well in this city. Prominent gardens are Friendship Garden, Taman Budaya and the one at Medan Raya Complex. Markets such as Main Bazaar and Sunday Market at Satok are worth visiting for laying your hands on souvenirs and other items of your interest.

Tourists can visit numerous popular museums here. Most popular museums in Kuching include Sarawak Museum, Dewan Tun Abdul Razak Museum, The Sarawak Islamic Museum, Chinese History Museum, The Cat Museum, Sarawak Timber Museum, Sarawak Textile Museum and Pua Kumbu Museum.

Do not forget to taste the delicious local cuisine and a range of interesting activities. Kayaking in the Sarawak River, scuba diving at Talang-Talang Island, cultural tours at Jalan Stadium and Pusat Kemahiran Seni, Sarawak Cultural Village, Tringgus Tribal Experience etc are popular activities here. Enjoy river cruising, jungle trekking and other adventures with Qhumang-Balai Ringin Wild Adventure.