Miri and Gunung Mulu National Park

Description: Gunung MuluMiri is a small serene city which is located on Malaysian island of Borneo. It is the gateway for Gunung Mulu National Park, another splendid place for visiting in the region. It is a cosmopolitan place and people from various nationalities reside here. This city is an important destination for oil pumping in Malaysia and this is precisely the reason behind its cosmopolitan atmosphere.

There are a couple of places worth visiting here and activities worth enjoying. Grand Old Lady and the Petroleum Museum, San Ching Tian Temple, Tamu Muhibah market etc are interesting places that are worth a visit.

Grand Old Lady and the Petroleum Museum was the place where oil was dug in Miri for the first time by Shell. These days, it serves as a national monument and houses some good exhibits depicting history of the city related with petroleum digging. It is situated on Canada Hill’s top and like most other museums in Malaysia, it is closed on Mondays.

The city plays host to numerous interesting activities that ought to be enjoyed by tourists. Such activities include enjoying picnics at Taman Selera beach or Esplanade Beach, diving, hiking at Canada Hill and roaming across Lambir National Park. Gunung Mulu National Park is at some distance from here and is another interesting place to visit.

Esplande Beach and Taman Selera beach are famous beaches in Miri. These are popular among local and tourists alike. These beaches are ideal for enjoying a range of water sports and for having a picnic with family and friends. Miri Marina is an excellent place for indulging in diving. The unspoiled coral gardens off the coast are simply splendid and quite inviting for diving.

Gunung Mulu National Park can be reached from Miri by driving, catching a flight or river ferry. Various archaeological excavations have indicated inhabitation at this place for over 3000 years. It has a number of interesting natural structures which can leave anyone spellbound with their sheer beauty.

Numerous Clearwater and Wind Caves, turtle caves, langs and deer caves etc are worth paying a visit. Adventure caving tours are organized here as well and must be considered by adrenaline enthusiasts. Prominent destinations for such tours include Racer Cave, Clearwater Connection, Stone Horse Cave, Lagang Cave and Sarawak Chamber. Having a guide is necessary while moving around here as the terrain can be treacherous.

Bat exodus from certain caves is an enchanting scene when thousands of bats can be seen exiting a cave within seconds. The Garden of Eden is a beautiful little place with picturesque landscape. One may even find a number of trekking avenues here as well. Such avenues include Paku Waterfall, The Pinnacles, Camp 5 and the 2,377m Mount Mulu. Trekking to its summit takes around four days and three nights.

An activity which must not be missed in the Gunung Mulu National Park is the canopy skywalk. This skywalk is an elevated walkway having height of 480m. This canopy walk is longest tree based canopy walk across the world.