Perhentian Islands

Description: Perhentian IslandsThe picturesque Perhentian Islands are located along northeastern coast of Malaysia. These islands are a group of beautiful coral islands and renowned for their immense beauty, white sands and great party atmosphere. Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil are two major islands in this group that are of sizeable tourist interest.

These islands are gifted with splendid white sand beaches. Tourists can enjoy a range of water sports here including snorkeling, scuba diving and sea-kayaking. Turtle conservation volunteering has caught imagination of many locals as well as tourists and is worth indulging in.

Perhentian Islands offer numerous avenues for enjoying scuba diving. The crystal clear waters here offer pretty long visibility which can go upwards from 10m on clear sunny days. These islands are home to some of the finest varieties of fish and coral one may find anywhere in the region. Though swimmers do not need any wet suit, going for a dive skin to protect skin from fish can be considered.

Both Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil islands have a number of centers where visitors can enjoy scuba diving. No prior experience is required, just jump in while paying heed to few basic instructions. Some of the scuba diving centers have pretty good equipment and have cooperating and helpful staff. When in Perhentian Islands do not miss out on this activity at any cost.

Snorkeling is another activity worth enjoying here. Popular snorkeling points on these islands are Teluk Pauh, Shark Point, Tanjung Basi, Rawa Island, Pulau Besar and Redang etc. Pulau Besar is ideal for enjoying snorkeling with family. It has shallow water and extremely beautiful corals as well.

Trekking enthusiasts can enjoy trekking along some popular trails. Such trails include those between Coral Bay and Mira Beach, Impiani Beach and Kecil. Large spiders, monitor lizards and wild monkeys can be seen wandering around here. Walk along paved walking trails here and enjoy watching the diverse flora and fauna.

Green turtles were found in plenty in these islands some time back, but their population started dwindling owing to a couple of factors. Interested individuals can chip in and contribute towards their conservation. Tourists can join ‘Help Our Penyu's volunteer program’ to gain knowledge about these turtles and contributing for this cause.

There are numerous restaurants, cafes and resorts in these islands where tourists can enjoy local cuisine, music and drinks, which are sometimes free as well. Seafood here is worth tasting. 

Most of these islands offer splendid beaches where one can relax all day long while sunbathing. Perhentian Kecil is an ideal place if you are traveling along with friends and looking for avenues for partying. Those tourists visiting with their families ought to head for Perhentian Besar. Though it is bit expensive, it is quieter and safer for families to travel.

These islands can be reached by catching a ferry from nearby Kuala Besut. The Perhentian Islands are best visited between March and October as weather remains pleasant during these times. It is easy to roam around these islands on foot and water taxis.