Description: AcapulcoThe original Mexican resort town of Acapulco is a popular tourist destination in Mexico. It is among the most favored spring break destinations for US residents, particularly college students. It is situated nearby Mexico City and can be reached comfortably with a luxurious bus service. This amazing city has lot of destinations worth visiting for tourists, including beaches and prominent landmarks etc.

Tourists can begin exploring this wonderful city from Zócalo town square. A couple of fountains and trees provide a serene sight. Apart from them, the square is a perfect place to catch a glimpse of local culture. The numerous restaurants, street-corner kitchens and sidewalk bistros offer delicious Mexican cuisine at pretty affordable rates. It is host of numerous interesting activities during evenings which are worth enjoying.

When in Acapulco do not forget to witness cliff divers jumping from pretty high cliffs into shallow streams of water at La Quebrada. Cliff platforms can be reached by paying a small fee. Their dives are keenly watched by large number of tourists. These dives are organized four times during the day. This is something no tourist can afford to miss.

Acapulco is home to numerous beautiful beaches such as Icacos, Hornos, Tamarindos, Papagayo etc. These beaches are immensely famous among tourists, both domestic and foreign and are renowned everywhere for their sheer beauty. Decent hotels can be found on beach and nearby regions.

One may relax on the beaches or indulge in a range of water sports that are available here and pretty popular among tourists. Wave current is pretty strong here and supports surfing. Apart from that, climate in this region remains quite comfortable, especially during spring season. These factors make surfing a must do activity when in Acapulco.

Nightlife is quite buzzing and numerous nightclubs are ideal for party buffs. A couple of post-Hispanic era fortifications offer a good sight and can be visited. Cici Water Park adjacent to the main beach is interesting place to visit with slides, pools, dolphinarium and a Sky-coaster. The Sky-coaster is a mix of bungee jump and a swing and is awfully interesting. Dolphinarium hosts dolphin shows daily which are worth watching.

Isla de la Roqueta is a must visit place for families. Its shallow areas allow them to have fun on the beach without needing to take any risk. They can reach here with a water taxi or a harbor tour boat that has a glass bottom. Quite interestingly, the harbor tour boat is a great way of exploring the region and enjoying its natural beauty. During the tour, catch a sight of divers at La Quebrada and submarine Virgin of Guadalupe.

Another serene beach destination nearby is Puerto Marquez, situated in east of the city. It is another great destination for relaxing along the beach and enjoying magnificent sight of sunset. Restaurants offer good quality food and beer at reasonable price and the locals, including restaurant owners, are quite friendly.