Description: CancunCancun is one of the most popular beach destinations not only in Mexico, but in entire world. It is home to numerous splendidly beautiful beaches. Partying goes on day in and day out here and this feature makes this place a must visit one for party buffs. White sands spread across an area of over fourteen miles present a beautiful view. Besides the beaches and water sports, there are other avenues of tourist interest here as well.

Cancun is located in Quintana Roo state on Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is among the most popular beach destinations on the Caribbean coast. The best time to visit this extremely famous place is between December and April months. A huge influx of tourists to Cancun is witnessed during this period.

Beaches of Cancun are simply perfect to relax during the day or to enjoy swimming. Warm and crystal clear water is enchanting and inviting for swimming. These beaches are full of spots where experienced or amateur swimmers can enjoy a splash in the waters. Tourists can also consider purchasing all sorts of interesting stuff such as sea shells, sarongs, jewelry etc from stalls set up by locals.

Jeep safari tours offer a great way to explore the region. A guide usually accompanies the tourists during the tour. Tourists can visit a jungle reserve, enjoy snorkeling or swimming in underground caves and explore ruins of Mayan era.

There are numerous other ways to explore Cancun apart from jeep safari tours. These include aqua tours and dinner cruises. One may choose a jet boat or a jet ski for exploring the vast region. Enjoy exploring length and breadth of the region on a luxury boat. Dinner in the form of sea food is prepared on the boat itself and generally consists of lobsters and steak.

This is the place if you are a hardcore partying enthusiast. Numerous pubs and resorts offer a great partying atmosphere. Quite interestingly, parties go on till dawn at most places and are considered to be the best on the entire planet.

Xcaret Eco-archaeological Park nearby is an excellent place for exploring flora and fauna of the region. It is ideal for enjoying snorkeling in underground rivers, exploring a Mayan village, swimming with dolphins etc. Xcaret México Espectacular is a night show which is organized daily at this place and is a great way to catch a glimpse of traditional Mexican culture.

Hidden Worlds Cenote Adventure Park is another must visiting place in Cancun. Here, one can explore a vast network of underwater caves and caverns. In fact, this network of caverns and caves is considered to be the largest on earth in terms of size. It has even won a number of accolades from prominent institutions and featured in numerous movies as well.

To reach Cancun, catch a flight to its international airport from any destination in world. Alternatively, reach here by driving a car on your own or board a bus from Mexico City. Getting around is easy with public transports such as buses or rented cars or taxis.