Copper Canyon

Description: Copper CanyonCopper Canyon is a system of canyons, located in Chihuahua State of Mexico. Quite remarkably, its system of canyons is much bigger in size than the renowned Grand Canyon in the US. It is definitely worth a visit for adventure enthusiasts. With its stunning scenery and rich biodiversity, it attracts thousands of tourists from far and wide.

Copper Canyon is rich enough in exotic flora and fauna to be declared as a national park, but this has not happened due to some reasons. This area can be visited from either Creel or Hidalgo de Parall towns. Though Creel is a much more popular option than Hidalgo de Parall, the latter is considered to be better option in terms of beauty of the landscape.

One would get mesmerized with the natural beauty of the region. Copper Canyon is home to innumerable waterfalls, hot springs etc which offer splendid sights. Hiking is a popular activity here among the tourists and a great way as well to explore the region. Tourists can also go for horse riding along guided treks. In fact, hiking enthusiasts can be found dotting the entire region.

The Chihuahua al Pacífico Railroad railway line is an amazing experience in itself. Whether or not you are having your own convenience, make it a point to use this railway line to reach city of Chihuahua. The region between Creel and El Fuerte is really stunning and visitors can enjoy watching the landscape while the train navigates its way through this immensely beautiful place.

Among the system of seven canyons located here, Candamena Canyon and Sonorous Canyon too are worth visiting. Both these canyons offer some splendid scenery and ought to be paid a visit. Visitors can also hike up to Piedra Volada Waterfall, which is the highest waterfall in Mexico. Its total height has been estimated at 463 meters. Apart from that, mountain biking and rock climbing can be enjoyed in the region.

Sinforosa Canyon is considered queen of the canyon system found here. Its jumping off point is very popular among tourists, both foreign and domestic. It can be reached by catching a bus to Guachochic.

Do not forget to visit the splendid town of Creel when visiting the region. There are many interesting places in the region such as Valley of the Monks, Rio Conchas Canyon, Lago Arareko and Valley of the frogs etc. Visitors can consider hiking to these places or hire a horse for the purpose. Having knowledge of Spanish is helpful in order to strike a good deal.

Hot springs near town of Creel are worth paying a visit. A system of concrete pools has been developed here. Popular such springs include Basirecota Hot Springs, Recohuata (Recowata) and Owerabo hot springs. One should be prepared to venture into the wild in order to have a splash here. Nevertheless, a visit to each one of them should always be on the cards owing to the beauty of the place.