Description: MazatlanMazatlan is essentially a cosmopolitan city in Sinalo state of Mexico. It is renowned for being a popular beach destination and popular among American, Canadian and European tourists. It gets flooded with tourists from these regions, especially during spring season when climate is best suited for travel. There a couple of historical buildings here as well which are worth visiting besides the splendid beaches.

Popular destinations here include world’s highest natural lighthouse, the Acuario Mazatlan, El Mercado, Machado Square and Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The lighthouse stands tall at 515 feet above sea level, making it highest natural lighthouse in entire world. Climb it up to enjoy nice view of the city and surroundings. 

The Acuario Mazatlan is a must visit place for families. Daily shows of seals, birds etc are worth watching here. Machado Square is a historic square and home to numerous restaurants and bars. Visitors can enjoy delicious local cuisine or beer in any one of these destinations. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a late 19th century cathedral which is renowned for its marvelous architecture and interesting interiors.

Beaches in this city are simply stunning and offer numerous avenues for enjoying waterskiing, jet skiing, parascending and surfing. Popular beaches include North Beach, Playa Sabalo, Beach Cerritos, Dolphin Beach and Stone Island Beach. All of these beaches are easily accessible with help of extensive transport network. Make it a point to visit all of the above beaches.

Surfing buffs ought to hit the Playa Burja beach, situated in northern part of the city. Waves are known to reach height of eight to ten feet, making it a must visit place for them. One may get surfing board on rent from any of the numerous vendors on the beach. There are a couple of other beaches where surfing can be enjoyed, but none of them matches class of Playa Burja.

Nightlife in Mazatlan is renowned everywhere and attracts tourists from far and wide. Numerous good nightclubs dot this city and can be visited for enjoying popular nightlife of this city. The city also plays host to a five day festival in February every year. Countless bands play all sorts of music and vendors set up their shops throughout the city.

Parties generally go until dawn in numerous bars and nightclubs here. A number of them are located in the Bora Bora complex, built in form of a castle. While overlooking the ocean, these clubs and bars offer a serene view and partying goes on here well past the midnight. This is another must visit destination for party enthusiasts. When in Mazatlan, do not forget to taste the delicious seafood and Mexican delicacies. A number of these offer great quality food at affordable price and are worth visiting.

Mazatlan can be reached by catching a flight to its international airport or a bus from anywhere in the country. Travelers from US can bring their own car via Phoenix, but there are some considerations that must be taken care of.