Mexico City

Description: Mexico CityMexico City, the capital of Mexico, is a huge city by many regards. It is one of the largest cities in entire world by population as well as size. It even boasts of third largest square and biggest urban park in the world. It is a historic city with many museums, palaces, landmarks, parks and recreational facilities. The pubs and bars that dot this marvelous city make its nightlife too tempting to be missed.

Its origins are traced back to 1325 AD when Tenochtitlan, an Aztec capital city, was founded. It was destroyed in 1521 by Hernan Cortes, a Spanish conqueror. Later, it served as capital of the Spanish colony and that of Mexican republic in 1823. It has a pretty interesting history with many accounts of destruction, rebuilding and revolution etc.

Tourists may find Mexico City an overwhelming place as it is home to countless avenues of their interest. They can visit the Plaza de la Constitución or Zócalo square for checking out historic buildings that surround it. Prominent ones include the Cathedral and City Hall. The Cathedral is the biggest one that one may find in the Americas. Torre Latinoamericana, Alameda and Paseo de la Reforma and Cineteca Nacional are other important landmarks in the city.

Basílica de Guadalupe is another cathedral which is of immense interest for tourists and pilgrims alike. It hosts the yearly 12th December celebrations that are worth watching. Visit Plaza Garibaldi-Mariachi for savoring delicious Mexican dishes and enjoying folk music played by folk artists. Coyoacán arts district and Ciudadela crafts market are must visit places for art and craft enthusiasts.

Numerous parks and plazas are scattered throughout the city and ought to be visited. Chapultepec Park and Zoo is a large park which is spread over six sq kms. It is also home to numerous interesting museums as well. Xochimilco is an Aztec era system of flower gardens and waterways. Pay a visit to Plaza Garibaldi-Mariachi for enjoying a drink or food at any one of numerous bars and restaurants here while a band plays music.

A number of museums in the city deserve a visit from tourists. The National Museum of Anthropology is considered among the best in world. It houses a comprehensive collection of handcrafts, jewels and sculptures etc belonging to ancient Mexican cultures. Other prominent museums here are Plaza de las Tres Culturas, Fine Arts Palace Museum, National History Museum in Chapultepec's Castle and National History Museum etc.

A number of exciting activities are there to be enjoyed in Mexico City. Such activities include witnessing Independence Parade, car races, visit to amusement parks, sports events etc. Do not miss shopping a range of products at any one of numerous shopping avenues, malls and flea and antique markets.

At the same time, enjoy the local cuisine without fail at countless restaurants here. Popular Mexican dishes include Tacos al pastor, Enchiladas de mole, Sopa de tortilla, Alambres, Tacos de barbacoa etc.