Description: MonterreyMonterrey, the capital of Nuevo Leon State, is the third biggest city in Mexico and an important hub in many regards. In this way, this historic city happens to be of prominent economic importance for the country. One should not get surprised on coming to know that major influx of foreigners to this city is of business persons flocking here from all parts of the globe.

Though Monterrey is an economic hub by many accounts, this bustling city has numerous tourist attractions as well. Prominent landmarks in and around the city include Cerro de la Silla, Cerro Del Obispado, Cerveceria Cuahtemoc, Cerveceria Cuahtemoc, Macroplaza and Presa de la Boca. The city is also home to few museums which are worth visiting as well.

Cerro de la Silla is the most important landmark of the city. This is a curiously shaped mountain which is ideal for adventure enthusiasts. Individuals interested in hiking ought to check out its marked hiking trails. Cerro Del Obispado is a historic site which should be visited for enjoying splendid views of city of Monterrey. It is home to a small history museum which offers a glimpse of history of the region.

Macroplaza, the central plaza, is among the largest plazas that one may find in entire Mexico. There are numerous monuments, statues, gardens and fountains which are worth watching. Apart from these, this plaza is home to large number of historical buildings as well which can be paid a visit. Monterrey Contemporary Art Museum and Mexican History Museum located here are ideal for catching a glimpse of history of the region.

Visit the popular Presa de la Boca, a dam, which is popular among tourists and locals for being a recreational spot. Visitors can purchase traditional crafts from the numerous shops that are located here. They can even enjoy local cuisine, sailing, biking, carting and horse riding at this place. All such activities make it an ideal place to enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

There are a couple of avenues where visitors can enjoy eco-tourism. The scenic canyons of La Huasteca can impress anyone with their sheer beauty. These have a nice mix of flora and fauna which is worth exploring. Chipinque Ecological Park is another place nearby where one can enjoy activities like mountain biking or hiking. It is an ideal place for family visit.

Adventure enthusiasts can check out Matacanes which is a whitewater river and flows nearby. It is popular among tourists for enjoying hiking in the lush green mountains, swimming in pools and exploring northern part of the country. In fact, northern Mexico has remained out of sight of tourists for long, but it is worth exploring.

Visitors can catch a flight to Monterrey international airport or a charter flight to Del Norte airport. It can be even reached with a bus ride from major Mexican cities and from nearby cities in US across the border. Getting around is made easy by an extensive public transport network.