9th country of destination by international tourist arrivals in 2012
25.7 million visitors per year (+3.0)

TOP TRAVEL DESTINATION: Russian Federation (Российская Федерация; Россия)

Description: Russia CharacteristicsBeing the largest country of the world, Russia has always been on top of everyone’s mind for many reasons. It is spread from Asia to Europe and is bordered with many countries of these two continents along with a large border is covered with sea. Russia has been famous in the world for different reasons which include its vast culture, civilization, history, beautiful places, economy, wars, and many more.

 The splendor of Czars, violence involving the Soviet, literary masterworks showing Russian soul, as well as the cathedral onion domes almost all get awestruck the creativity involving ages. Today Russia is flaking the past of Soviet and producing themselves anew. The particular cathedrals, palaces, and old-time statues are at the same place. However present Russia is mocking along with stylish and rich in contrasts. Fashionable free galleries replaced Soviet producers in most cities along with tough capitalism has built new rich. There are many billionaires now living in Moscow now as compared to any other location, where dining establishments, nightclubs along with merchants took luxurious to some brand-new stage. In brand-new Russia it seems like something is happening.

Description: Moscow - The Red Square
The Climate

Being in the norther part of the Northern Hemisphere of the planet, Russia is a cold country. One may find some differences in the climatic conditions from one place to another.

With central and northern Russian summers, climates are often minor with about several hours connected with sunshine in days. Winters usually are cold. Conventional casual garments should be preferred with seasonal weather would be a wise to note.

Humid Continental: As the European Russia is having the moderating influence of the Atlantic and Pacific, most of this region including the Serbian and far east Russian experiences this humid continental climate.

Description: Russian Climate Subarctic Climate: This is with extreme winters especially in the regions of Northeast Siberian which is in the vicinity of Northern Pole. The lowest recorded temperature is −68 °C. Most of the northern region of Russia has the similar temperature.

Polar Climate: The shore strip of the Arctic Ocean and the Arctic islands have the polar climatic conditions. There are extreme polar and some parts has tundra climate.

Semiarid Climate: The regions of the Caspian sea and lower Volga along with the southern Siberian part enjoys the semi-arid climate.

The Culture and Religions

Russian culture is having the backing of long history. They have the long tradition in different fields like architecture, philosophy, cinema, music, painting and others. These have made a very positive impact in the world. Visually, the Russian culture is stunning with colorful folk costumes to elaborated religious signs. This is very apt for the travelers to this country. The main religions in Russia include Christians, Buddhists, Islamists, and Judaists. These religions are the heritage of Russian history.

Places to tour in Russia

There are many places in Russia where a tourist can find the best and enjoyable experience. Russian cities offer the best variety and that makes it special to be a top travel destination of the world:

Description: Pskov Church and Citadel

Moscow: Being the capital city of Russia it is also having the prestigue of inspiring many novels. Moscow is having the vast history which makes it special in itself. Visit this city to see the beauty of Red Square and Kremlin.

St. Petersburg: Find the elgant buildings with rich heritage at St. Petersburg. Visit the winter Palace which was once belonging to the Tsars and find many more things from its history. 

Pskov: Situated in the north west of Russia, Pskov is merely 30KM from Estonia. Visit this place to get a better glimpse of Kremlin and Trinity Cathedral and many more things. 

Yekaterinburg: Gateway to Ural mountains, Yekaterinburg is a major stop in Asian Russian on the Trans Siberia. It is also known as the city of Romanovs. Visit this place to see the Byzantine style church and many more things.

Suzdal: It is a small town located in Vladimir region. Suzdal is a part of the Golden Ring with its effective medivel perios architect and churches.

Description: Bridge in St. PetersburgNovgorod: It is an ancient town and it fall on the route between St. Petersburg and Moscow. At the center part of the city you will find the Cathederal of St. Sophia which is one of the oldest building in Russia.

Kaliningrad: It is a beautiful place with many wooing sceneries which makes the real pleasure for the visitors who visits the place. 

Karelia: It is a place that stretches from Gulf of Finland to White Sea. Find many attractive sceneries in Karelia with two largest lakes as Onega and Ladoga. There are many more things to please the visitors in the best manner.

Lake Baikal: It is one of the oldest and deepest freshwater lake on earth which reflects many unique things. You would be mesmerized with the awesome beauty of the place.

When to go

Russia is having big geography which makes it varying from one place to another. It is divided in 11 time zones and hence to enjoy different sites in Russia is a tizzy job. The temperature varies from -86 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to 86 degrees in summer. So it is advisable to make your visit by looking at the conditions of the location which suits you in a very better way.

Travelling in Russia

Travel in Russia with the best services which can make you to collect the best memories:

By plane – There are many flights coming in and going out to different destinations of the world. One would find the direct flights to most of the international destinations from Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are three international airports in Moscow which makes it easier for the commuters to fly at ease. One would also find the local travelling with best services in the flight. The national flight company is called Aeroflot.

Description: Russian train - Sapsan (St. Petersburg - Moscow) By train – Russian railways is one of the best railways which has reliable services in traveling distances. One can find many trains to most of the destinations which makes it easier to commute at ease. You would also find many international trains connecting some of the European and Asian nations.

By car – There are the best facility of the rented cars but you would have an enjoyable journey by car in most of the major cities. The roads have been an issue in some of the parts of Russia so if you are moving in major cities then car would be an apt choice.

By bus – A few bus services are there which connects Russia from some of the major cities of Europe. These buses are having regular services to many locations.  

By boat – It is an awesome pleasure for the people to enjoy summers on boat especially in the regions of Sochi and Trabzon of Turkey. You would find such apt seasions for boating in the best way.

Major Airports in Russia

– Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow
– Domodedovo International Airport, Domodedovsky
– Vladivostok International Airport, Artyom
– Sochi International Airport, Sochi
– Pulkovo Airport, Saint Petersburg
– Volgograd International Airport, Volgograd
– Kemerovo International Airport, Kemerovo Oblast

So, get ready now and explore the world of ancient Czars and many attractive scenaries of amazing Russia, the top travel destination in the world.

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