Description: Dombay Dombay is often known to be a ski center, though it can also be a potential hill resort during the summer. Dombay is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world.  

Dombay is among the popular mountain resorts of Caucasus that is located at an altitude of about 1620 to 1650 meters at the confluence of the Amanauz, Alibek and Dombay-Ulgen rivers. It has a wonderful climate which forms the basis for a ski resort that is surrounded by mountains on all its sides. Dombay is a unique place for recreational purposes as it is located in a mountain valley at the foot of the northern slope at the Main Ridge of the Greater Caucasus. Dombai has been a center for tourism and mountaineering in the Caucasus mountain region since many years. The peaks of the main Caucasus mountain range are Herzog (3863 m), Belalakaya (3861 m), Sofrudzhu (3781 m), Dzhuguturlyuchat (3896 m), Ine (3455 m) and the Dombay-Ulgen peak (4046 m).

The most popular among the many mountain ski resorts of Russia is     the town Dombai. It stands in the first position and surpasses all the world famous ski resort centers due to the wonderful weather, the number of sunny days it has and the amazing healing properties of the pure air in this place. The Dombay meadow is known to be a part of the Teberdinskogo State Reserve.

Many people from all over the world would come to visit the place of Dombay to learn skiing. Not only beginners but also a lot of well experienced instructors will learn the skiing basics in this place. One can always find the equipments of skiing at the box office in the region. Tourists visiting Dombay can also go on a helicopter ride and view the admirable panorama of the mountains from the helicopter when flying over the Mount Elbrus.

A soft and favorable climate prevails around Dombai throughout the year. At an altitude of 1500-1700 m, the average temperature in the alpine zone falls about -5 to 8 C up to about up to -12-14 C during the month of January. The region experiences an average annual rainfall that reaches about 2000-2300 mm and has heavy snowfalls during the winter season. The snowfall would reach a depth of about 1.5 to 2 meters or even more by the end of the winter. We can see the town of Dombay fully snow clad throughout usually by the middle of November while the regions on the lower sides of the route enjoy snowfall in the early April. Snowfalls at the altitudes that are greater than 2000 to 2500 m are seen until the middle of May.

For those who would like to visit Dombay for skiing must visit during the months of February to March which happens to be the best time for skiing activities.  The temperatures during the day in the region teaches about 10 to 15 degrees and has abundant sunshine which is also perfect for enjoying ultra baths in the sun.