Description: Irkutsk Irkutsk is known to be one among the most significant cities located in the Eastern Siberia. It is also a popular destination that attracts tourists from all around the world. Irkutsk, one of the largest Siberian cities has a population of about 600,000. The city of Irkutsk is situated on the banks of the river Angara that flows from the lake Baikal which is the deepest lake in the world.

The city was established during the middle of the 17th century, where the population was about 1000 by then. The people who travelled to the city of Irkutsk came in search of the legendary treasures which were known to have been hidden in the city.

The city is famous for its large number of historical and architectural sights that has survived in the midst of a number of natural disasters like earthquakes and fires. One can find the ancient architectural works and constructions that were mostly made of wood in the previous centuries.

The vast number of historic places and sights in the city makes it the most popular destination for tourists to explore during their travel.

Hotels and Accommodation in Irkutsk
The city sees a number of tourists and travelers who travel for either business or for leisure at all times throughout the year and hence accommodation is always available and not a problem. It has many hotels that suit all kinds of travelers and their requirements from five-star hotels to inexpensive three or two star hotels.

Among the best hotels in Irkutsk, Victory hotel is popular among the tourists in the city. This hotel has elegantly furnished rooms and includes all the amenities for a comfortable stay for the tourists. Restaurants and shops are also available within the vicinity of the hotel.

Another famous hotel to stay in Irkutsk is the Angara hotel as it is located right in the centre of the city. This hotel has been in service since many years and is one of the oldest hotels in the city. There is a business center in the hotel for those travelers who travel on business purposes where meetings and conferences can be arranged.

Places to visit in Irkutsk
The city of Irkutsk is a city that offers various kinds of activities and entertainment for the tourists to enjoy during their visit. It is known for its variety of famous restaurants in the city where delicious cuisines like Russian, Chinese and Japanese are served in those restaurants.

Cafes that serve Russian pancakes called as bliny are also hot among the tourists in Irkutsk. The best Russian pancakes with variety of fillings are served in the place called Blynnaya in Irkutsk.

A Japanese restaurant called Kioto is famous for the delicious variety of Japanese cuisines they offer like sushi and other rice dishes. Other popular restaurants in the city are the Orion Chinese restaurant and the Havana Café which are popular both among the local people as well as the tourists in Irkutsk. This city is the best place for the tourists to hang out as they can spend their leisure time and enjoy some of the best Russian cuisines.