Description: Moscow The capital of Russia is Moscow and the city is known to be the financial, political as well as the cultural centre of Russia. Moscow has a major role in the development of Russia which is also known for its rich cultural heritage as it has many beautiful palaces, famous museums, an adventurous nightlife and wonderful cuisines. Moscow is a wonderful place for travelers as it is the most happening place in the tourism industry which should surely be visited.

Geography and Climate of Moscow
The large city of Moscow is situated on the Moskva River and is connected by a number of ring roads. Moscow experiences variable climatic conditions and is often coldest between the months of November and March, and the climate is warm in the months between May and September.

Moscow has three airports which are the Sheremetyevo International Airport, the Vnukovo International Airport and the Domodedovo International Airport. The Domodedovo Airport mainly serves the international passengers and all the major places in the city are connected by trains.

Popular Places to Visit
It is a very old city and has many popular sites for a traveler to visit. It would be a complete trip to Moscow if we miss these important places.

The most famous destination among the tourists in Moscow is the Red Square which is located at the center of the city. You can also see other places like the St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum and the State History Museum that are located nearby the Red Square.

Another significant place is the Kremlin which is known to be a major fortified complex in that place that has been inhabited for a long time since the 2nd century BC. Don’t miss to check out the huge diamond collection in the Armory. Also it is worthy to spend some time to visit some beautiful churches that are found in that locality.  

A very famous theatre in Moscow is the Bolshoi Theatre where one can watch shows for about 1000 rubles.

The Old Arbat Street in Moscow is known for its ancient look that reminds one of the old Moscow. You can find many shops and vendors that sell souvenirs, good cafes for tourists and other shops that display art that are done by local artists. The items are sold at variable prices and hence sharpen your bargaining skills before buying from this place.

One of the most fascinating museums in the world is in Moscow called the Tretyakov Gallery and this is one museum which should never be missed on your visit to Moscow. This museum houses a massive collection of Russian art from many artistic icons like Illya Repin and others that are from several countries around the world.

Another popular museum is the Pushkin Museum that stores a huge great collection of Western art that includes works from Impressionist and Post-impressionist.

The Famous Parks in Moscow
Apart from popular museums and historic places, Moscow is also known for some wonderful parks where the tourists can spend their leisure time during their visit to Moscow.

The most visited park in Moscow is the Gorkiy Park that has some nice restaurants and cafes for the visitors and also has a free WiFi network for their use throughout the park. You can go for a ride around the park to enjoy the wonderful scenery by renting a boat or bike.

The Sokolniki Park serves as a recreational park that also includes an exhibition centre. The park is located in the heart of the city and the visitors can experience the Russian nature right at the centre of Moscow.

Another popular destination is the Kolomenskoye which was formerly an imperial estate.