Saint Petersburg

Description: Saint Petersburg St. Petersburg has been listed among UNESCO’s top world heritage sites as it is known for its rich cultural, architectural, literature and religious heritage. It is a popular city that attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

The top most tourist attraction of St. Petersburg is the Cathedral of the Resurrection that is known for its beautiful colourful domes. One can clearly view this magnificent church from the Nevsky prospect. Tsar Alexander III built this church by the side of the Griboedov Channel on the same spot where his father Tsar Alexander II the Liberator was assassinated. The appearance of the cathedral strongly reminds us of the St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow as it is built in the Old Russian style. The interiors and exteriors of the church have been richly decorated with beautiful mosaics throughout. The services in the church are being held regularly since the fall of the Soviet regime.

A famous monastery called the Alexander Nevsky Lavra is located at the city centre in St.Petersburg. It celebrates its 300th anniversary this year in 2013. The Holy Trinity cathedral dominates this monastery and houses the holy relics of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky and is surrounded by stone walls and moats throughout the monastery. It is said that this spot where the monastery has been built is the same spot where St. Alexander defeated Swedes in the famous Neva battle in the year 1240. St. Prince Alexander Nevsky is known to be the Patron saint of St. Petersburg.

At present the cathedral celebrates regular services as the monastic life has resumed in the Lavra after the defeat of the Soviet regime. There are many cemeteries within the grounds of the monastery that includes those of the famous personalities such as the poet and scientist M. Lomonosov, count A. Suvorov, the famous Russian generalissimo and the army leader, and also the great Russian poets and writers like F. Dostoevsky, I. Krylov, A. Goncharov, V. Zhukovsky and many other well-known Russian composers, architects and sculptors and other prominent members from the Russian noble families.  

Other significant places to visit in the city are the Admiralty, the "Bronze Horseman", which is a famous monument given to Peter the Great, St. Isaac's Cathedral- the largest cathedral in Russia, the Twelve Colleges, the Palace Square, St. Nikolas Cathedral, the Kazan Cathedral, Smolny Convent and Institute, the Rostral Columns that is on the Spit of St. Basil Island, the Summer Gardens and the Mikhailocsky Castle.

The city also boasts of many parks that have beautiful scenery and is perfect for evening walks and refreshing boat rides on the rivers of the Neva, Moyka and Fontanka. While visiting the parks, you can also spend some time to visit the nearby world-famous museums, or attend music or drama fests held in the theatres and concert halls, and also enjoy the wonderful world-class cuisines in the restaurants of the city.

The travelers have a lot to explore in this place where there are beautiful sandy beaches and go on shore excursions, boat trips on the sea, naval activities and also make visits to the somewhat faraway picturesque islands.

Not only the city of St. Petersburg, but also those that surround the city are also spectacular where there are some neat mansions, beautiful palaces with elegant decorated interiors, well maintained parks and gardens that are laid out in different styles. Also don’t forget to visit the Tsarskoye Selo, Pavlovsk, Lomonosov and the Peterhof which were previously known to have the Imperial summer residences and are famous for their majestic water fountains that operate without pumps. You can easily reach these places either by bus, taxi or train.