Description: Sochi Sochi is the most significant port of Russia and also known as a famous resort city which connects Russia to its neighboring countries such as Turkey and Ukraine across its border. Sochi is an ultimate destination for the tourists travelling to Russia on vacations.

Sochi has the best hotels and services for accommodation of the tourists in the whole of Russia. The city has grown in popularity after having been chosen for hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics.  

All the required arrangements are getting ready for this great event in this city. Also there are many new hotels and constructions and a Main Olympic Village coming up in the city to accommodate the guests and people taking part in the Olympics. 

Tourist Accommodation in Sochi
Sochi has good hotels for tourist accommodation as it is a popular destination for tourists who come from many places all over the world. This city is also known for a number of festivals being held here and the Kinotavr International Film Festival is one such festival that takes place during the summer season each year. One can see many personalities from the film fraternity like popular actors and actresses to musicians and directors who participate in this film festival.

Different types of hotels are found in Sochi where most of them are located at the heart of the city and along the seaside. Tourists who want to stay away from the busy city can look for those hotels that are located outside and far from the city or hotels near the historical part of the city. The hotels throughout the city of Sochi are all perfect for staying as they all have the best facilities and services.  

Sights in Sochi
There are a number of sightseeing tours organized in the city of Sochi as there are a lot of places to visit for the tourists visiting the city. The place has many wonderful sandy beaches as well as different sights of historical importance that attracts all kinds of tourists worldwide. 

Among the many sights of Sochi the Dendrarium and park Riviera are the most popular ones. The Dendrarium was established during the 19th century and is known as the largest subtropical park of Russia. One can find all kinds and varieties of plants from various corners of the world in this park. While the Riviera Park is known to be among the best recreational parks in this city where the tourists can spend their leisure time and have fun in this famous park.

Another famous place to visit in this city is the Fine Arts Exhibition Hall which hosts a display of various collections of art and other works.  The city of Sochi also has many other interesting museums that can be visited by the tourists on their tour.

The city is also known for the famous theaters and concert halls found there which stages wonderful performances and shows. People can enjoy the best shows and performances in the theaters during the months between the end of summer and the early autumn.