The Golden Ring

Description: The Golden Ring The Golden Ring is among the famous destinations of Russia that is visited by tourists from worldwide. It is a ring of a few ancient cities and towns located at the north-east direction of Moscow which forms a circle. These cities are called as "open air museums" which boast of the unique and wonderful Russian architecture such as old churches that are made of white stone, mysterious monasteries and ancient fortifications that dates back to the  XII-XVII centuries. These cities and towns appear to be the most beautiful and picturesque places in the entire Russia and hence people who would like to explore the ancient history and culture of Russia must surely visit this place.    

For those tourists who are staying in Moscow, it can be a good change from the busy city life to visit these towns of the Golden ring that is at a relatively nearby location which needs a travel of about 3 to 5 hours if you go by train or a car. The people living in the small towns of the Golden Ring lead a very quiet and peaceful life and when you visit the place, you can experience the provincial way of Russian life and see some of the artifacts from the Soviet era. If you are planning to visit the towns in the Golden Ring, it is suggested that you make a note of the main attractions in the place as there are more than 12 to 13 towns and has lots of places to see for which you won't have enough time. You can either travel to the towns on your own or hire a guide to know more information about the places.   

The classical route to the Golden Ring begins in Moscow and extends through Suzdal, Vladimir, Kostroma, Rostov Velikiy, Yaroslavl, Sergiev Posad and Pereslavl-Zalesskiy. Suzdal is the most popular town among all the towns and cities of the Golden Ring which is about 226 kilometers / 140 meters to the north-east of Moscow. It is a very ancient small town that was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1024. The Tatars raided the town of Suzdal and partly destroyed it in 1236 to 1259 during the Tatar Yoke. Suzdal slowly began to lose its popularity and strong position to Moscow because of its vulnerable location that was close to its enemy's settlements. Now Suzdal appears to be a quiet little town that has a feel of the provincial 19th century with houses made of wood, sleepy streets, goats and geese freely strolling near the walls of the ancient churches and monasteries.

The Museum Of Wooden Architecture is the highlight of the town of Suzdal which is built in open air and houses samples of the traditional Russian buildings, houses, churches and windmills all made of wood. Also the sights found in the town of Suzdal are quite popular with the filmmakers as they have appeared in a number of films which have portrayed the ancient Russia.

Hence Suzdal and the other towns of the Golden Ring are very popular and must surely be visited.