Description: Vladivostok Vladivostok is a famous seaport that is located in the Russian Far East region and is the best place to visit for those travelers who like adventure. Vladivostok, which means the "Lord of the East" in Russian, is located at a distance of about 6,200 miles from the eastern part of Moscow but just across the Sea of Japan. 

The city of Vladivostok is located on top of the hills just similar to San Francisco and is surrounded by a bay called the Gold Horn Bay. Tourists visiting the city must come to the Gold Horn Bay to enjoy the wonderful and spectacular view that is exactly similar to the San Francisco.

Also the city of Vladivostok is known to be the home port of the Russian Navy's pacific fleet. The Gold Horn Bay has a number of submarines and military ships in it which is the reason why the region of Vladivostok was closed for about 70 years.    

It was known to be a city for military installation and without having special passes and permits even the citizens of Russia who came to visit their relatives were not allowed to travel to the city. Vladivostok was finally opened officially in the year 1992 for the people of Russia as well as for the visitors from other countries.    

A number of tourists visit the city of Vladivostok by taking the 7 day journey from Moscow on the Trans Siberian Railway or by reaching the Russian "Lord of the East" after travelling through China or Japan. The tourists also travel by ship to visit the port city of Vladivostok.

The city is known for its rich history and the number of beautiful locations it has which has made it the favourite destination for tourists. It has many famous monuments and historical buildings that remind us of the several events that took place from the 1860s when it was founded till today.

The historical monuments also remind us about the times of the Russian-Japanese war during which the city of Vladivostok was attacked by a number of Japanese warships. 

In the year 1917, the American, Japanese and British cruisers entered the city of Vladivostok through the Golden Horn Bay while the Bolsheviks staged a partisan     struggle in the city. Vladivostok then became a cultural bastion in the period of 1917 to 1922 when the people of Russia tried to escape from the new Soviet regime and began to settle down in the port city.

Before the Russians escaped to the countries like USA, China and Australia they established many theaters, art centers, conservatories and symphony orchestras in Vladivostok. The Stalinist repressions began in the city in the 1930s when the   transit camps were built for the political prisoners from the western part of Russia to Kolyma, as well as to the new camp in the city of Vladivostok.

One can also remember this city when it was the biggest military port in Russia during the cold war and also the beginning of “Perestroika."