Amusing festivals of Gerona

Description: GeronaSpain is known for hosting numerous festivals or fiestas throughout the year. As per a popular local joke, one fiesta is being organized somewhere in Spain at any given time. Gerona, located in north-east Spain, shares this trait with its home country pretty well. These festivals make Gerona a happening place and worth visiting for party enthusiasts. The most prominent festivals in the region are discussed in following lines.

St Narcis Fair (Fires De Sant Narcis)
St Narcis Fair (Fires De Sant Narcis) is the biggest festival in the region. It is dedicated to patron saint of the city, St Narcis. This festival starts in late October every year and goes on for nine days. It is celebrated with tremendous fervor, pomp and joy. During this time, the whole region seems to be in celebrating mood.

The opening ceremony is held at local town hall building (Girona Ajuntament). The festivities consist of huge parades along with big, motorized effigies. A number of shops selling eatables and books are set up in the entire city during the festival. Do not forget to taste these delicacies, take a lot of pictures and be a part of numerous parades that are conducted at this time.

Three Kings Festival
Three Kings Festival is another major festival of Gerona. It is celebrated around 5th January every year. The festivities begin at Placa Catalunya from where a huge procession starts for a tour of the city. This festival is immensely popular among local residents and invariably, tourists can be seen being part of festivities as well.

The procession is led by Three kings namely Balthazar, Gaspar and Melcior. The procession consists of musicians, flag bearers, acrobats and many other entertainers. Each one of the kings distributes sweets to kids who throng both sides of the streets during the procession. One may find people sporting all sorts of fancy dresses being a part of the procession.

Temps de Flors (Flower season)
Temps de Flors (Flower season) is a festival dedicated to flowers. It is organized during late May and goes on till early June. This is the time when entire landscape is dotted with flowers of exotic varieties. One may find a number of public parks where nature seems to be in full bloom during this time. A number of private courtyards are open for public viewing at this time.

Easter is another prominent festival which is celebrated with great interest. Processo Del Sant Enterrament is a big procession which starts from cathedral at night. This procession goes on around the city and covers it in two hours. People with wacky dresses can be seen along the procession.

Other prominent festivals include Festival of Saint Jordi and Festival of Saint Juan. Festival of Saint Jordi (Diada de Sant Jordi) is held on 23 April and is dedicated to Saint Jordi, patron Saint of Catalunya. Festival of Saint Juan is held on 23 June and is the time for fireworks display during night.