Canary Islands

Description: Arc De TriompheThe Canary Islands are a group of islands located along north-western coast of Africa. The islands which make up this chain are Montana Clara, Alegranza, La Grciosa, El Hierro, La Gomera, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Tenerife. Most of these islands are known for uniquely colored sand, pleasant climate throughout the year and being paradise for water sports.

The best way to travel between these islands is a ship or ferry ride. Indulging in water sports remains highly popular among tourists coming here from all parts of the world. Apart from that, tourists can even enjoy the buzzing night life, natural parks, delicious local cuisine, boat trips and booze cruises.

A fiesta is always on in one or another part in Spain. The Canary Islands are no exception to this unwritten rule. These islands play host to numerous major fiestas or festivals throughout the year. Most of the popular Spanish fiestas are celebrated with great fun and frolic by the locals. Do make it a point to indulge in these celebrations to have a great time.

El Hierro is the smallest among Canary Islands and the best destination for enjoying scuba diving and paragliding. One may find numerous varieties of marine animals like turtles, whales and dolphins here. Tourist can enjoy diving at dedicated scuba diving centers that tend to have modern equipment. Hiking, horse-riding or simply enjoying stroll around this scenic place are popular among tourists.

Tenerife is the largest island here and an excellent tourist destination. It attracts thousands of tourists from around the world, particularly Germany and Britain. The splendidly beautiful beaches, serene coastline, mountains, volcanoes, deserts, lush green forests and unique flora and fauna make it a perfect place to visit.

There are many must visit places here at Tenerife. The most prominent ones include El Teide, Parque Rural de Anaga, Barranco del Infierno, Punto del Teno and of course, the scenic beaches. Do not miss water sports like surfing, speed boat para-shooting, jet ski and scuba diving. La Laguna and La Orotava are two beautiful towns which are worth visiting as well.

Las Palmas is a major city in the Canary Islands, which is worth visiting. It is essentially a beach town and equipped with most modern facilities like a modern international airport, extensive travel network and numerous avenues of interest. The most important ones include Playa de Las Canteras, Cathedral de Santa Ana, Vegueta, Parque Santa Catalina, Alfredo Kraus Auditorium and Elder Museum of Science and Technology.

Playa de Las Canteras is a four kilometer or around 2.5 miles long beach which is essentially the heart of this city. Visit here for enjoying surfing and other Oceanside activities. The Cathedral de Santa Ana is a pretty old cathedral that has an imposing structure and wonderful architecture.

Lanzarote is another interesting place which is worth a visit. It is a host of popular activities like trekking, sailing, surfing and sunbathing. The colored hills on this eastern-most island in this group of islands are a source of amusement for tourists.

When on Canary Islands, do not forget to taste the local delicacies including the mouth-watering sea food. Collect a lot of memorabilia and party hard in the numerous night clubs that dot these islands. And stay safe.