Discovering exotic beauty of Minorca Island

Description: Minorca IslandMinorca is part of Balearic Islands and second largest island in this island group. Its virgin beauty gives an open invitation to the tourists coming here. It has a large number of beaches, equal to the total number of beaches in Ibiza and Mallorca. In fact, the landscape of Minorca offers a unique tranquility and a number of water sports.

The island capital, Mao, is the world’s second largest natural deep water port. This region is home to numerous protected species including birds, turtles and various other protected animals. One may be amazed to find out that this region is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and European Biological Reserve. A number of attempts are underway to protect the endangered species.

Minorca is a perfect place for family vacation. It is quite different from Mallorca and Ibiza, which are known for their inherent hustle and bustle. There are quite a lot of historic landmarks here including those at Torre d’en Galmés, El Torro and Trepucó. In fact, the landmarks at Torre d’en Galmés and Trepucó are said to be prehistoric ones, dating back to 2000 and 1000 BC.

Some of the places worth visiting here include Monte Toro, Xoriguer Gin Distillery, Museu de Minorca, La Mola Fortress and Industrias Artesanas. Monte Toro is the highest point on this island. Tourists visiting Minorca can have a splendid view of the entire landscape from here. It is a great place to organize a family picnic.

Xoriguer Gin Distillery is an 18th century distillery situated on Moll de Ponent dockside. The Minorcan Gin which is made here is famous for its unique taste and aroma. Tourists can taste this gin and purchase it as well. It is open for visitors for all days except Sunday.

Museu de Minorca is a museum which was built as a monastery during the 15th century. It houses some exquisite sculptures and paintings which are reminiscent of its rich cultural history. These sculptures belong to different periods in distant past when this region was under Muslims, Romans and Byzantines.

Every visitor to Minorca ought to check Placa Alfons III which is a pretty old plaza. Do not forget to visit the age old windmill which is an important tourist destination here. La Mola Fortress was built in mid nineteenth century and is a great example of Spanish architecture.

There are a number of bars, cafes and restaurants, some of which operate continuously for 24 hours. Here, one may taste the local delicacies like lobster stew, shellfish soup Caldereta etc. Make it a point to visit a couple of such restaurants and enjoy the tasty seafood. Nightlife happens to be a subdued affair in Minorca, but one may enjoy drinks at any one of the numerous bars present here.

One may reach here by catching a flight from mainland Spain or the sister islands of Mallorca and Ibiza. Enjoying a ferry ride from mainland or Majorca is an amusing way to reach Minorca. Medium sized cruise rides are also available here which are worth trying.