Enjoying Bull fighting in Spain

Description: Bull fighting in SpainBull fighting in Spain
In many parts of world, Spain is all about bull fighting. Make a reference to Spain and the first image that pops out is that of a matador taking on a fierce bull with bare hands. This is an immensely popular activity in the entire country, but Costa del Sol scores over other regions in organizing it.

History of bull fighting
There are a number of versions of origin of this game. By some accounts, the tradition was adopted from Rome. At the same time, King Claudius and King Alfonso VIII are credited with the start of this immensely popular game. Nevertheless, it has become an important part of Spanish tradition over the years.

The practice has a long history of over thirteen centuries. During that period bulls were sacrificed to please the gods and seek divine blessings during fiestas. The practice of organizing bull fights was born during the course of history. The current version is said to have originated in early eighteenth century.

A bull fighter, called matador, enters the arena without any sort of equipment or weapon. He performs some acts that are essentially pre-rehearsed. He entices the bull with a cloth when it is released into the arena. The matador then tries to protect him from the bull by running around and exiting the arena.

This game is pretty risky to attempt and certainly not for faint hearted individuals. The matador stands at a great risk during the game as the bull can injure him pretty seriously. Along with the matador, the bull can hurt organizers standing close to the entry and exit points. In fact, bulls can wreak quite a lot of havoc if they happen to reach among the audience, which they do once in every while.

The risk associated with the game happens to be its trump card. Millions of individuals watch this game every year. Tourists coming into Spain are pretty particular about watching bull fighting live in an arena. One may find locals and tourists coming to arenas in large numbers to watch this curious contest.

Locally known as Corrida de Toros, it is among the favorite sports in the country. It is an important component of Spanish fiestas and is essentially linked with the local tradition. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that numerous efforts to get it banned have failed. The Spanish Monarchy has even defied the European Union for calls to ban this sport.

A typical matador earns a hefty pay package, which may even put top executives and football players to shame. It is a serious business in the country and the enthusiasm among the locals for watching it is exemplary. The biggest bullring in the country is The Malagueta Bullring in Costa del Sol, having a seating capacity of over 14000.

It is mainly organized during San Fermin fiesta which is held between July 6 and July 14 every year. Make it a point to check the local listings for exact dates of the fiesta before setting for Spain. When in Spain, do not forget enjoying bull fighting and be ready to face some terrifying action in the bull ring.