Reasons for visiting Spain

Description: SpainThere is something special in Spain that takes it among the most visited countries in the world. The count of 50 million visitors annually stands as a testimony to the popularity of this country. Here is a quick look into few of the reasons for visiting Spain.

Numerous exotic locations
Presence of numerous exotic locations spread across Spain makes it a paradise for tourists. It has a long cultural past which has provided it a nice blend of architecture of numerous cultures. Buildings from Greek, Arabic and Roman culture can be found here in plenty. This is mainly because rulers of various nationalities ruled here during course of history.

To have a glimpse of these buildings, a visit to this serene country is a must. One may find quite a number of historic monuments built in Arabic style in and around Granada. Similarly, regions like Badajoz are dotted with monuments which are reminiscent of Roman rule of the distant past.

Mouth watering cuisine
The delicious Spanish cuisine along with its high quality wine is renowned around the world. Spanish cuisine focuses less on vegetables but high on non vegetarian stuff like meat, seafood etc. To have a taste of the delicious wines and mouth watering cuisine, a visit to Spain is a must.

Quite interestingly, Spanish people took the art of making wine to the South Americas. The style of preparing high quality wines in South American countries, particularly Argentina, matches that of wineries in Spain. Spanish wine tours are quite popular among tourists. One may find die-hard fans of wine flocking to Spain in large numbers to enjoy these tours.

Splendid beaches
The beaches here are pretty serene and inviting. The peninsula works to the advantage of Spain pretty well as tourists flock to beaches on all three sides. The persistently comfortable weather throughout the year makes the Spanish beaches ideal for visit. Beaches here are renowned for white sand and crystal clear beaches.

If lucky, one may even come across a number of celebrities enjoying themselves at one of the numerous beaches here. In order to have a relaxing vacation away from the buzz of mainland, tourists can stay at island resorts. These island resorts are perfect for those groups, individuals and families which can afford spending a few extra bucks.

It is joked in Spain that one festival, or fiesta in Spanish, is going on at any given time here. In addition to the numerous festivals, the night life here is exemplary. This way, it is an ideal place for party lovers, regardless of their place of origin. So, if you love partying, you ought to head for this country. Be ready to enjoy fiestas that go on for days.

At least one fiesta is organized in almost all months of the year. You have to be either very unlucky or plan pretty poorly to miss out on any of these extravaganzas. Do make it a point to check the local listings before setting for Spain in order to make most of the available time.